Hello, I'm Anshita P Nair, a 3D illustrator and UX designer based in India. I had been passionate about design from my school time and I started exploring designing through illustrations and


  Working at Thence

  • Money is growing

    29 Jun 2024

  • A morning walk

    I had just woken up in the morning when I saw an uncle covered with his muffler and holding a packet of milk. Quickly gr...

    14 Dec 2023

  • Design services UI

    14 Jul 2023

  • Searching file- 3D animation

    Search file animation can be used for empty states Getting back to my 3D skills after a long time, this one tried to cr...

    11 Jul 2023

  • 3D Piggy Bank- animation

    11 Jul 2023

  • Oswald

    25 Feb 2023

  • Wisdom-Less

    I recently had a wisdom tooth extraction, and I was told to rest the next day. Sleeping all day gave me this idea of how...

    25 Feb 2023

  • Christmas Card

    25 Dec 2022

  • Toss a coin

    20 Nov 2022

  • Thinking

    12 Nov 2022

  • Fish: 3D Illustration

    06 Nov 2022

  • 3D Hands- Animation Project

    27 Oct 2022

  • Stay Paw-sitive

    My personal life inspired the illustration, this depicts how little moments in our life can make us feel good and positi...

    22 Oct 2022

  • Just Old Times

    What if the shows that we watch today would look at our older times when we had DVD players and CDs to watch or listen t...

    06 Oct 2022

  • Expose Nested Instances in Figma-Beta Feature

    Understanding the new beta feature of Figma- Expose nested instance

    22 Sep 2022

  • Water your plant

    17 Sep 2022

  • PhonePe Icons

    As a designer I always wanted to design icons, especially in 3D. So for this project I picked PhonePe, because this app...

    10 Sep 2022

  • Loads and Trucks

    26 Aug 2022

  • Thinking Pen

    17 Jul 2022

  • Chai samose

    Its rainy and gloomy weather, so chai samose and pakode to the rescue

    16 Jul 2022

  • Newspaper

    25 Jun 2022

  • UX Designer Intern


    My project was based on how to bring personal touch features for users so that they can quickly write, record, or captur...

    20 Jun 2022 - 12 Aug 2022

  • Tea Time

    A forest tea time is always fun

    09 Jun 2022

  • Vacation Time

    05 Jun 2022

  • Today: A digital wellbeing app (Microsoft India Design Challenge 2022)

    Today app, a digital solution or a mobile application that can make digital well-being easy with simple hacks and soluti...

    26 May 2022

  • Khana Khazana- UX Case study

    “Khana Khzana” is an app that sells curated recipe boxes. This app helps users find recipes and get the ingredients deli...

    18 May 2022

  • Drop a mail

    This is a personal project. While creating my portfolio I was creating a drop a mail section and that's when the idea of...

    15 Apr 2022

  • Messy Table-3d Illustrations

    I have created a 3d illustration of a messy table of a designer.

    11 Apr 2022

  • 48-hour design challenge: Designing a billing dashboard

    A 48-hour challenge for internship hiring. Here I share my experience with a design challenge that I was given during an...

    02 Apr 2022

  • Escape: 3D Art

    01 Apr 2022

  • Web Illustration- 3D Illustration

    18 Mar 2022

  • Case study: Merriam Webster

    UI/UX Case Study

    10 Mar 2022

  • UI/UX Intern


    I joined SuperProcure as a UI/UX intern for a brief period of time. It was amazing to work there with lots of learning a...

    16 Dec 2021 - 23 Jan 2022

    Fueler Achievement
  • 3D Illustrations

    A compilation of 3d illustrations which I did during a freelance project. These illustrations were created for the compa...

    30 Nov 2021

  • Illustrator and designer

    Honest Create

    I joined Honest Create as a freelancer, the company creates pitch decks for other companies with their best storytelling...

    12 Oct 2021 - 30 Nov 2021

    Fueler Achievement
  • 1st Position In Canvasio

    IIM Indore,  15 Feb 2021

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