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Building communities at @markitup_in, @webcruxx| Freelance Social Media Marketer

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My Collaborators
  • Undergrad Btech CS

    University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)

    10 Oct 2025

    Fueler Achievement
  • Why digital marketing matters for NGO || SEO Blog

    Objective: To educate NGO owners and managers about the power of digital marketing. Target Keywords: NGOs, Digital Mark...

    16 Jan 2024

  • Number Convertor Website || Made using React

    Number Converter Website 🔢 What is the project about: A website that performs digital conversions like Binary to Octal...

    13 Jan 2024

  • Harry Potter themed advertisements

    I participated in the spec ad creation challenge of [The Briefcase Club](https://www.instagram.com/p/CvoYDMcJT1f/), the...

    12 Dec 2023

  • Won the rockstar team award

    I was a part of the social media team for Uhackathon 4.0, the official hackathon of our college UPES, Dehradun. The soc...

    Uhackathon 4.0,  01 Sep 2023

  • Creating Sport Designs Like a Pro - Session with Aayan Ali || MarkitUpX Community

    Hosted an interactive and informative session with Aayan where we talk about various aspects of sport designs. In this s...

    23 Jul 2023

  • Mock Advertisement || Barbie Movie

    Made an ad copy for the Barbie movie Through this copy, I tried to hook the audience by repurposing the lyrics of a fam...

    14 Jul 2023

  • Is AI a threat to freelancing? - Hosted a session with Sparsh Sehgal | MarkitUpX Community

    Hosted an interactive and educative session where we discussed the future of Freelancing and if AI is a threat to freela...

    12 Jul 2023

  • Mock Advertisement || Hamleys Adult

    Ad brief: What if Hamleys opened an adult store? Ad Copy: I came up with the idea of developing an ad copy that describ...

    04 Jul 2023

  • What is Bus Factor? | Blog Article

    Objective: This is a blog post that explains what the bus factor is and why everyone should know what it is about. Tool...

    12 Jun 2023

  • 5 Freelancing hacks that you should know

    I wrote a Twitter thread for MarkitUp where I mentioned 5 freelancing hacks that everyone should know about. The thread...

    21 May 2023

    Fueler Project
  • Created a discord server for TABB

    I recently created the discord server of TABB by TCC. TABB stands for The Anti-Bullying Box, and it is an initiative aga...

    21 Feb 2023

  • Event Poster for MarkitUpX

    14 Jul 2022

  • Product of the Day on ProductHunt

    Makerdock Team,  23 Jan 2022

    Fueler Achievement
  • Community Manager


    I manage the community at the MarkitupX server which involves inviting guests to take sessions, moderating, and setting...

    01 Jul 2021 - Present

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