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My Collaborations
Anik Mandal

Anik Mandal

Full Stack developer
  • Web Development
  • Data Structures
  • Coding
  • Debugging
  • Back-End Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Graphic Design Skills
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Dope Music

    One tap lofi music. Built using React.js. Integrated youtube player in the background to play the audio 24x7.

    18 Sep 2022

  • Expense Tracker

    Are you having difficulty managing your expenses? Try this expense tracker where you can add and visualize your expenses...

    10 Sep 2022

  • Dad Jokes

    Looking for the best jokes. Try Dad Jokes. Cause daddy is always the best.

    22 Jul 2022

  • Memeterest - Pinterest for Meme Templates

    Implement search functionality which helps user to search from different categories (Movies, Scenes, Actor) at the same...

    01 Jul 2022

  • A permissionless project for Sir Ankur Warikoo.

    See the best 9 free high-resolution photos of Do Epic Shit | 9 best free do epic shit, yellow book, yellow and warikoo p...

    15 Jun 2022

  • Lost in Mountain | Sikkim | Nikon Z50

    06 Apr 2022

  • The blooming flower | Timelapse

    This sequence was shot with Nikon Z50 + 18-140mm lens(with FTZ adapter) Well, there are more than 500 images and they we...

    02 Jan 2022

  • Just another Nature video

    Enjoy and feel the nature with some of the best views that I captured.

    21 Nov 2021

  • Hero Xtreme 160R | Concept launch trailer | B-roll

    Created a permissionless commercial film for Hero Xtreme 160R.

    01 Nov 2021

  • Silhouette Photography

    A silhouette is a solid, dark image of a subject against a brighter background. Silhouette pictures usually show the sub...

    23 Oct 2021

  • Into the Nature - Insects | Cinematic | Nikon Z50

    I have always been close to nature and I adore the small creatures so much. Recently, I thought of making a few videos t...

    31 Aug 2021

  • Rain | Nikon Z50

    Watching rain is such a blissful experience. Be it a child or an adult, everyone loves to sit next to a window and feel...

    30 Aug 2021

  • Art Block | Nikon Z50

    Art Block - an art block (also known as a creative block) is a period of time when artists are unable to create somethin...

    14 Apr 2021

  • Assistant System Engineer - Trainee

    Tata Consultancy Services

    14 Sep 2020 - 16 Sep 2022

  • Doctor's Appointment

    A web application built for appointment management for a Clinic. This app has all from booking different types of appoin...

    10 Aug 2020

    Fueler Project
  • JIS College of Engineering


    Kalyani  30 Jun 2020

  • Runner up - Sardar Jodh Singh Memorial Challengers Trophy 2020

    Runner up in the yearly cricket tournament of JIS group of colleges.

    JIS group of colleges  25 Jan 2020

  • FindBin

    You can find places to dispose of your waste through this app.

    15 Jan 2020

  • Big Data winter training


    Kalyani  30 Jun 2019

  • Smart Odisha Hackathon 2018 - Finalist

    Built a platform for farmers to have a transparent view of the insurance claim process.

    BPUT Odisha  14 Nov 2018

  • StartUp Dashboard

    A web app through which you can maintain several startups under your supervision. Tech Stack: Laravel(PHP framework), My...

    21 Aug 2018

  • Web Developer


    21 Aug 2018 - 13 Jan 2019

  • Livelyhood

    A simple web app for finding rental rooms around your college.

    25 Jul 2017

  • High School

    Kendriya Vidyalaya Malda

    Malda  30 May 2016

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