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  • Posture Correction

    Made a Posture Correction web application using PoseNet model from TensorFlow.js It captures your posture when the webca...

    25 Mar 2022

    Fueler Project
  • Movie Recommendation System

    Built a recommendation system that recommends movies to users on their preferences

    14 Mar 2022

    Fueler Project
  • Cognizant Virtual Experience Program

  • ML and Web Developer Intern


    Built a Full Stack Invoice Management Application using ReactJs and Java which included a responsive Receivables Dashboa...

    28 Jan 2022 - 13 Apr 2022

    Fueler Achievement
  • Modern Restaurant Website

    Made a modern website of restaurant using pure CSS and ReactJS

    23 Dec 2021

    Fueler Project
  • Letter of Recommendation

    The Sparks Foundation,  17 Dec 2021

  • inText

    Built a web application which converts an image (which contains texts) in the text form.

    11 Nov 2021

    Fueler Project
  • Web Development Intern

    The Sparks Foundation

    Built a basic web application for basic banking

    01 Nov 2021 - 01 Dec 2021

  • Goldman Sachs Engineering Virtual Program

    Goldman Sachs (Forage)

    Cracked leaked password database using hashing and learnt about various security protocols.

    31 Aug 2021 - 15 Sep 2021

  • Arduino Programming

    Made a Smart Door Lock System using Arduino

    23 Jul 2021

  • Heart Disease Prediction

    I worked on predicting potential Heart Diseases in people using Machine Learning algorithms. The algorithms included K N...

    01 Jun 2021

  • JIS Covid Challenger

    JIS College of Engineering,  11 May 2020

    Fueler Achievement
  • Problem Solving Through Programming in C

    NPTEL Course Completion Certificate in C

    24 Apr 2020

  • Short Film Competition

    JIS College of Engineering,  20 Apr 2020

  • CSI National Level Online Coding Challenge

    CSI,  12 Apr 2020

    Fueler Achievement
  • Short Film Competition

    JIS College of Engineering,  03 Mar 2020

    Fueler Achievement
  • JIS College of Engineering

    Pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

    01 Aug 2019

    Fueler Achievement

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