Previously worked at NeilsenIQ, Devsnest. Software Engineer currently mastering MERN+Cloud. CS Engineer '23, Passionate about Finance, Startups and businesses.

Back-End Development
React JS
Web Development


  Studying at Open Source

  • Simple Frontend Todo app

    **UPDATE**- Made a full-stack version of this todo as well using React, Node/Express- https://github.com/akshansh-s/Lear...

    18 Jan 2024

  • ETL for Retail Data Warehouse

    Python ETL uses different libraries for Retail data warehouse, an attempt to create an alternative to Informatica as a c...

    10 Jan 2023

  • Netflix User Research

    Dived deep into the GenZ user base of Netflix subscribers to understand the problem "Why new subscriber additions to Net...

    25 Sep 2022

  • Martian Internship Program

    Persistent Systems

    A training course of Data Structures, Algorithms and CS theory.

    01 May 2022 - 15 Jun 2022

  • Embark Fellow- Product & Growth


    -Understood the roles and responsibilities of an APM -Making User Personas and Segmentation -Customer Journey Mapping -E...

    15 Jan 2022

  • Product Analytics 101

    The Product Folks

    -Basics of Product Analytics -Choosing tools and understanding Metrics. -Cohort Analysis -Basic SQL

    08 Jan 2022

  • Insurjo - Product Management Principles

    The Product Folks

    Learnt about Product Management and its fundamentals, building a product sense, working with stakeholders, writing PRDs,...

    01 Nov 2021

  • Systematic Swiggy Plan PRD

    Systematic Swiggy Plan (SSP)- Enables customers to plan their meals ahead of time, so they don’t have to go through the...

    28 Oct 2021

  • 1st prize in seed-idea pitch

    Technology-Based Entrepreneurship Development Program was coupled with seed idea pitching in which I received the first...

    Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India,  05 Apr 2021

  • Community Supervisor


    • Part of the founding team and worked with the team to grow the community from <500 to 8,000+ and lead various operatio...

    08 Feb 2021 - 15 Nov 2021

  • Treasurer

  • Technical Higher Education Scholarship

    A scholarship is awarded to a few selected students who are pursuing graduation in states other than CG. I will be recei...

    Govt. of Chhattisgarh,  31 Dec 2019

  • 2nd Prize in Debate contest

    Received 2nd prize in group and 3rd prize in the solo Debate contest in college, speaking for Artificial Intelligence be...

    YCCE Media,  12 Oct 2019

  • Computer Science Engineering

    YCCE, Nagpur

    01 Aug 2019

    Fueler Achievement
  • HSC + SSC

    Delhi Public School, Bhilai

    31 Mar 2019

  • A Grade Cetificate

    Took part in NCC camps and leaded school parades of the NCC cadet group. Was a part of NCC for 3 years.

    National Cadet Corps,  31 Mar 2017

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