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Agrima Dwivedi

Agrima Dwivedi

Hi I'm Agrima -I'm a freelance copywriter :) I'm into cats, poetry, and startups. Let's talk if you're building something cool!
  • Content and Creative Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Script for a Donation Campaign

    Video Script for the donation campaign of a nonprofit organization which helps human trafficking survivors.

    10 Feb 2022

  • Monthly Newsletter for Bakarmax

    I wrote a newsletter edition for Bakarmax about their experience of airing on Shark Tank India. (Bakarmax is a comics an...

    31 Jan 2022

  • Facebook Ad copy

    Facebook Ad Copy for a wedding photography service.

    26 Jan 2022

  • LinkedIn Post about Copywriting

    A LinkedIn post on my account that got pretty good engagement!

    13 Jan 2022

  • B2C Customer Homepage Copy

    Customer Homepage copy for a B2C business.

    01 Jan 2022

  • Homepage Copy

    Home Page copy for a B2C business.

    01 Jan 2022

  • Blog Post: Tips to prevent package theft

    5 practical ways you can save your packages from theft this holiday season

    17 Dec 2021

  • Video Script for Onboarding

    Wrote this delivery partner onboarding video script for a D2C brand based in the United States.

    15 Dec 2021

  • Welcome Email for Customers

    Wrote this welcome email for the customers of a D2C brand that offered personalized delivery services in the United Stat...

    13 Dec 2021

  • Welcome Email for Delivery Partners

    Wrote this welcome email for the delivery partners of a D2C brand offering personalized delivery services in the United...

    13 Dec 2021

  • Video Summarization (Spec)

    This is the summarization of a video interview posted on bluelearn's YouTube channel.

    20 Nov 2021

  • Outreach Email (Spec)

    Sample outreach email written to Mr. Ankur Warikoo inviting him for a podcast on my YouTube channel.

    16 Nov 2021

  • BLOG POST (Spec): Wireless charging solutions

    A blog post (spec) written for Daily Objects: Why you should invest in wireless charging solutions.

    17 Sep 2021

  • Feature description (Spec) for Daily Objects

    This is a feature description of a Multi-Purpose Charging Stand

    09 Sep 2021

  • LinkedIn About section

    Wrote this LinkedIn About section content for a B2B brand based in New Delhi, India.

    21 Jul 2021

  • Brand brief for ExtolApp

    This is a brand brief I wrote for ExtolApp -a B2B business based in New Delhi, India.

    20 Jul 2021

  • B2B Landing Page Copy

    Landing Page copy for a B2B business.

    15 Jul 2021

  • Product descriptions for Hafsa the Couture

    Product descriptions + Instagram captions for outfits designed by a Hyderabad-based fashion label.

    20 Feb 2021

  • Brand brief for Hafsa the Couture

    Wrote this brand brief for Hafsa The Couture, a designer label based in Hyderabad.

    04 Feb 2021

  • BLOG POST in support of Local Businesses

    Blog Post: 5 Things You Can Do To Support Local Businesses Around You

    03 Feb 2021

  • BLOG POST: 7 Magic Sales Psychology Tricks that Big Businesses Employ and So Can You

    Blog Post: Psychological tricks to grow your business faster than your competitors can spell S-A-L-E-S!

    01 Feb 2021

  • BLOG POST: Instagram for Small Businesses- Tips for Growth and Sales on Instagram

    Blog Post: 5 tips YOU NEED TO KNOW if you are promoting your Small Business on Instagram

    31 Jan 2021

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