Adam Tzagournis, CPA

Founder & CEO at FlowCog Canvas - a simple drag & drop tool to visualize your business finances. CPA, coder, and fractional CFO.

Back-End Development
Financial Modelling
Front-End Development
Full Stack
React JS

United States

  Working at Founder & CEO at FlowCog Canvas and Fractional CFO

  • FlowCog Canvas

    Our drag & drop canvas shows your current finances and future growth. Shape your story with investors and make better st...

    19 Oct 2023

  • Fractional CFO

    I work with startups to help them make better strategic financial decisions, whether it's raising money or figuring out...

    19 Oct 2023

  • Built OpenView's 2023 product benchmarks calculator

    Really enjoyed collaborating with the VC firm OpenView to build their 2023 product benchmarks calculator.

    19 Oct 2023

  • FlowCog - SaaS financial projections

    FlowCog's pre-built SaaS financial models save you time and hassle. Raise your next round with confidence.

    19 Oct 2023

  • Founder Dilution & Exit Calculator

    Built this as a mini-tool in FlowCog Canvas, along with a SAFE conversion impact tool, and a liquidation preference tool...

    19 Oct 2023

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