Aachariya M. C. Aravindan

A video editor and problem solver | Seeking exciting problem statements to solve | Ex-content writer

Video Editing



My Collaborators
  • Talking head reel on the topic "Viral Hooks"

    • Added animated icons. • Added mysterious sounding stock music to create curiosity. • Color correction to adjust the...

    08 May 2024

  • Delicious Paneer Kebab Instagram Reel

    Edited using DaVinci Resolve.

    10 Nov 2023

  • Reel - Introducing HealDoor

    An Instagram reel introducing HealDoor. Edited using DaVinci Resolve editing software. Added : 1) A hook sentence wit...

    04 Nov 2023

  • Cooking with Fire

    A reel highlighting what happens behind the scenes during the preparation of some of your favorite dishes at Polo Lounge...

    18 Sep 2023

  • Tandoori Dishes at Polo Lounge

    Edited using DaVinci Resolve. Music: Electronic Rock (King Around Here) by AlexGrohl https://pixabay.com/music/beats-e...

    15 Sep 2023

  • 634K Views Reel. Mouthwatering Snacks at Polo Lounge

    This reel was edited using DaVinci Resolve. I added an orange neon line animation as a hook to gain the attention of the...

    13 Sep 2023

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