Fueler Credit Card - Spline 3D Model

Spline 3D - Concept Fueler Credit Card

Client: - Fueler

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Descripition :-

The task was to design a Credit Card Concept for Fueler. So my aim was to keep it realistic but at the same time a lil bit creative and give a modern and trendy look to the Credit Card. 
I studied various Credit and Debit Cards to understand their design language and what's design approach is used by the modern banks. After the intensive research I hopped on to the figma or the design and then on spline to take my design from 2D to 3D.


Design Direction: -

For this project I choose glassmorphism design, choosing glass material with a lil bit of white background for the card. White is the Primary Brand color of fueler therefore adding it as the base color of the card itself.
I also used the brand font i.e., Metropolis, for all the written details on the card, to give the card the brand essence. 


Research & Inspiration :- Dribbble, Spline Community, One card, Jupiter, Fi Bank Cards

Tools Used :- Figma (for card design) & Spline (for modelling & animation)

Time Taken:- 4 Hours


05 Sep 2023

👀 Project details

Design a Credit Card for Fueler


Can you come up with a credit card design idea for Fueler?

A few points to keep in mind
- Please refer to our website for brand guideline
- Please use the Fueler Logo for your design concept
- Please use font: Metropolis

You can come up with modern, professional, and fun id...