Why It Is Important to Build a Portfolio If You Are a Freelance?
Team Fueler

11 Oct, 2022

Why It Is Important to Build a Portfolio If You Are a Freelance?

It's not enough to have the appropriate qualities to work as a freelancer; you also need experience, a healthy dosage of marketing, and - most importantly - a well-organized portfolio

You haven't given this much thought yet. You still have time to make yours! The good news is that all of your freelance work can be compiled as one of your business assets

So if you are already a freelancer or if you aspire to be one, start making concrete plans for gathering your work and building a portfolio because it is the best business card available.

What is the purpose of a portfolio?

The main purpose of a portfolio is to showcase work done. A written resume is not enough for freelance work and can be tricky for potential customers to understand.

So, what can be done?

You must show what you can do from time to time, what you have already done similar for other clients, and what your skills are in your niche market.

Artists, designers, photographers, but also journalists, marketers, and businessmen in general use portfolios to create a showcase of their work for the use of their clients and future clients. Depending on your industry, in the portfolio, you can show graphic designs, renderings, sketches, a collection of articles, or even the results of a marketing campaign.

Anshu Portfolios for different skills

Anshu Portfolios for different skills

Anshu Content Writing Portfolio

The opportunity is outstanding: show everyone your professional skills and abilities.

Mistakes to avoid when composing a portfolio

You are aware of the benefits of compiling quality projects for freelance work. However, keep in mind that mistakes can happen at any time. Here are the most typical ones; if you see any of these in your portfolio, get rid of them immediately.

  • Overcrowded portfolio of work
  • Incomplete personal info
  • Outdated works

Another important mistake to avoid is not showing your communicative goal.

A portfolio is not just for you to show your work and what you are capable of doing. It’s a communication tool to let your prospect know what you are looking for: they’re not telepathic and you will have to handle them.


Now that you know why a portfolio is so important, you may wonder how to find new customers

Get the word out that you are in the market!

Create a website, set up your portfolio, and start word of mouth. But that's not all, and word of mouth is not enough. Fortunately, today there are fast and effective solutions to help you create a portfolio. 

Take a look at a new-age portfolio tool for creators. Take a look at Fueler

Fueler is the go-to portfolio tool for thousands of freelancers globally.

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