Fueler Vs. Google Drive: Which is the better portfolio tool?
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20 Jul, 2022

Fueler Vs. Google Drive: Which is the better portfolio tool?

If you’re a freelancer you already know the importance of having a good portfolio. 

Tons of tools let you share proof of work today; Google Drive being perhaps the most widely used one. And for good reason too -creating a portfolio on Google Drive is quick and easy, and so is uploading, downloading, and sharing files through it. 

So then, why am I suggesting you make a portfolio on Fueler instead?

What makes Fueler better than Google Drive (or any other portfolio-sharing tool, really)?

Let’s find out:

Your Portfolio looks more professional

“I can send them a link to GDrive Folder or Word doc, why should I use Fueler?”

Fair enough. Shifting all your work to a new platform sounds like a hassle. 

But here’s why I suggest you do it:

Your portfolio looks more professional when you showcase your work on a platform that is widely recognized. Like, Karla is showcasing her work

Karla Fueler Portfolio

Karla Fueler Portfolio

There's a reason why designers use Behance to showcase their designs, and coders use Github to share their code. 

Further, the ability to add colors, images, and visual cues makes your portfolio look much more visually appealing than a bland Gdrive folder linking to your work. 

Your work pops and you immediately become a more memorable freelancer.

Harsh landed an internship using Fueler Portfolio

Harsh landed an internship using Fueler Portfolio

Fueler lets you create buckets

“I’m a content writer who also does photography, music production, and design on the side.” 

This line may be the sign of a dynamic and generalist person, but is probably not the best way to pitch to a client who wants to avail a particular service from you.

While Google Drive makes it easy for you to share links/ docs to your past projects, a drive folder that contains work ranging from photoshoots, UI designs, and blog articles may end up looking cluttered and confusing to anyone who opens it.

The last thing you want is for a client to look at your portfolio and think of you as a jack of all trades, a master of none.

This is where Fueler comes in - you get to create buckets of work samples based on different niches. 

Riten Social Media Work Bucket

Riten Social Media Work Bucket

Fueler helps them create niche-specific landing pages for their projects for example,  

Riten created a bucket related to his social media marketing work: Social Media Bucket

In a similar way, you can create Fueler Bucket for a different needs, as I am doing 👇

Anshu Multiple Buckets

Anshu Multiple Buckets

Simply group similar pieces of work and send relevant work samples to anyone you want -without any clutter and disarray.

How Tripti is using Fueler Bucket

How Tripti is using Fueler Bucket

You get to learn, collaborate and connect

“Okay, I get it. But it’s still just a place to share my portfolio, right?”

A few people would disagree with you:

How Syed is using Fueler Discover

How Syed is using Fueler Discover

The community and dynamic nature of Fueler really make it much more than a link to your work. It’s a place to learn, collaborate and connect with like-minded people. 

Here is what you can do on the platform:

  1. Work with other freelancers and creators on projects.
  2. Give and get help from people in your field.
  3. Discover work and networking opportunities.

To sum up; having a portfolio on Fueler is better than having one on Google Drive, not only because it’s more professional and gives you more features, but also because it helps you grow in your own journey as a freelancer. 

Beat that, Gdrive!

Create your Fueler Portfolio

Create your Fueler Portfolio

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Special thanks to Agrima for covering this blog.

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Agrima is a Copywriter, helping B2C businesses with copy that converts and content that communicates.

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