Harsh's Proof of Work Success Story - Issue #01

04 May, 2022

Harsh's Proof of Work Success Story - Issue #01

If ‘Selling is Telling’ was a person, It would’ve been Harsh Mishra for sure, who knows

how to promote his Proof of work as often as one should in order to land 10x better opportunities.

Let’s get inspired by this amazing conversation where Harsh uncovers how he landed an Internship opportunity using Proof of work.

  • Hello Harsh, what’s your background and what are you working on?

Hello, My name is Harsh Mishra, I'm 18 now and completed my studies at Kendriya Vidyalaya Old Cantt, Allahabad.

  • What opportunity were you looking for? Why?

The moment I landed on Twitter after my high school got completed, my perspective towards perceiving my career changed 180° I started following different people in different niches and that’s when I discovered my passion for designing, so I knew Graphic designing was an easy to adopt skill and can only be learned and monetized if I get my hands dirty putting some designs to my Portfolio. So I started searching for Graphic design Internships after that.

  • What specific problems did you have before you decided to look for a solution?

As I already knew that showing and talking about my work can help me grab my next opportunity quickly but I needed that push and aspiration to do it the right way. I had a portfolio already, but I wasn’t so confident about it to continue to add my graphic designing projects further work to that.

  • Was there a “turning point”? Which factors played an important role in your decision to choose us?

Later, I realized after being confused for a couple of days when I was introduced to the Fueler’s Founder - The right way is to just start working on your personal projects, speak about them publicly, organize them in one place and start showing it to your next potential client. And soon I started doing the same, I used Fueler.io to keep my work organized in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

  • Have you tried something else before?

As I was just starting out, I wasn’t introduced to much in the industry but I tried tweeting few things about my learning process and a bit of what I was making.

  • Have you found anything particularly helpful or advantageous about Fueler?

Not just the product helped me boost my Proof of Work game. The team members are quite inspiring and never fail to help their community - How here’s one thing that I can’t forget I heard them talking once “You can’t sleep on being everywhere your Potential client hangs out

  • Story Time!! How exactly does Fueler help you land your opportunities?

Mmhm, **clears throat. Back to the time when I was introduced to Fueler, I was actively putting out my proof of work in front of my audience on Twitter and maintaining my Fueler profile up to date.

Just so, within a month I was in space talking about a few of my work examples such as Youtube thumbnail and other designs, One of the potential clients took interest and checked my Twitter profile which spoke a lot about my work.

And when he reached out to me I was ready with my Fueler profile and things went on further, hence I landed my first internship. Not smooth as butter, but the lesson that I learnt the way is right in front of you “Stat building your Proof of Work”

What's your advice for young opportunity seekers who are just starting out?

The journey of just starting isn't easy... but it's worth it if you push yourself out of that phase to actually land an opportunity because you don’t have much credibility.

Here are some quick bites of what I've learned:

  • Consistency is very important
  • Knowing when to ask for help is also critical
  • Take advantage of Fueler’s discovery section and always search for work inspiration from others
  • Discussing your proof of work idea should be ensured before you ever start working on it.
  • Use Fueler to display all your Proof of Work in a single place.
  • Read a lot (books and experiences of other founders)
  • Never miss a chance to get on the top of your roof and start screaming about your work on top of your voice

Because “If you don’t blow your own Trumpet then who will?”

Special thanks to Fatima for covering this success story.

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