4 Ways to Network and Find Work Through X (formerly Twitter) in 2024
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08 May, 2024

4 Ways to Network and Find Work Through X (formerly Twitter) in 2024

Hey there!

Let’s talk socials today.

From doing market research on Reddit to finding gigs through Facebook groups I believe social media is a HUGE gift to anyone in the agency or freelance biz.

Hand to heart though, after spending time on almost every social platform out there I have a clear favorite in terms of networking and opportunities.

Hint 1: It rhymes with bitter

Hint 2: It’s mentioned in the headline ;-;

Yes, I’m talking about TWITTER.

(Ahh, I already see some of you cringing)...

So you’re telling me I need to install the weird bird app and suffer through Elon Musk’s shitposts to succeed in my professional life?

Well, here’s what I believe…

Is Twitter going to give you an unfair advantage in your career a big yes.

Do you need to put up with political, ranty, or dumb content to achieve that absolutely not!

Lemme explain…

There are 3 great reasons for you to use Twitter doesn’t matter if you’re a college student, 9-5er, freelancer, or anything in between.

Firstly, Twitter has A LOT of smart people, which means it’s an amazing place to build your network and learn from people! 

Secondly, Twitter is a lot less cluttered with fluff, generic content, and charlatan creators posting only for ‘likes’. 

Lastly, Twitter is a hotbed for cool ideas and smart content (if you can ignore the occasional clickbaity thread in your feed)

Convinced to give it a shot?

Let’s dive right in, then!

Here’s how you can get started on your Twitter journey in four easy ways:

#1 Look out for work opportunities

Twitter is a treasure trove of jobs and projects.

The best part? Unlike job portals where you compete with 45904 applications to land a mediocre job, great opportunities on Twitter are abundant and just lie at the other end of a well-written DM. 

To get started, here’s a simple three-step process to hunt for work on Twitter:

Step 1: Search for the role you want to work in. (keyword + hiring)

Step 2: Read the tweets that show up and follow the people you would like to work with.

Step 3: Shoot them a cold DM with relevant proof of work, or reply to them whenever they’re hiring.

There’s no need to overcomplicate it!

A small sidenote: While this has gotten solid results for me it may not work for you if industry leaders from your niche don’t hang out on Twitter in which case, looking for jobs portals or LinkedIn might be your best bet.

#2 Actively DM people

The saying ‘real magic happens in the DMs’ is 100% true for Twitter.

If you don’t want to publish content, building a valuable network is still possible -and on Twitter, it’s as simple as DMing the right people!

Found a cool thread about marketing? Tell the author how much you loved it!

Intrigued by someone’s work in a startup? Start a conversation with them. 

Want to work with someone? Just shoot a DM with a short intro and your proof of work

Based on my own experience, these conversations have awesome ROI and often end up turning into huge opportunities over time!

#3 Engage with others’ content

This is such an easy yet overlooked tip. The easiest way to make friends on any platform, including Twitter, is to engage with the content of creators who inspire you.

This can be as simple as liking or commenting under their tweets, or retweeting and quote tweeting the content you love! 

This lets you build rapport with high-value people without appearing clingy or annoying. Similarly, sharing industry analyses and reports valuable for dealmakers in every sector can spark meaningful conversations and connections with professionals who value insightful information. This approach not only enhances your network but also establishes your credibility in your field.

#4 Publish content

I’m saving the best for the last putting out valuable content related to your interests is the fastest way to grow online.

Publishing good quality tweets and threads consistently will help you build an audience on Twitter which you can later monetize in different ways! 

From selling ebooks and courses to ghostwriting services -building a loyal following is the first step toward making big money on Twitter. 

The icing on the cake is twitter has fewer content creators and a huge number of people looking for well-written, informative content, which means a huge upside!

So if 10-second reels or LinkedIn rants are not your things, Twitter might just be the perfect platform for you!

👨‍💻 Access Twitter for Students for Free

Next Steps…

Alright, now that we have the ‘why’ and ‘how’ out of the way, let’s talk next steps.

If you’re new to Twitter, chances are you might be feeling a little confused right now. 

To get you started, I’ve made a list of twitter accounts that put out some great content in their niche, go check them out:

  1. For freelancing: @ShreyaPattar, @Komallahuja, @AyushkWadhwa, @alicellemee
  2. For marketing: @Alex Garcia, @amandanat, @jmoserr
  3. For content and copywriting: @copy_tips, @JustCopyTips, @GrammarHippy
  4. For self-help and motivation: @SahilBloom, @ShaneAParrish, @visualizevalue
  5. For startups, entrepreneurship: @GrowthTactics, @aaditsh, @balajis

And with those recommendations, we come to the end of today’s post…

If you found these tips useful, share them with your friends :)

Until next time, then!

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Special thanks to Agrima for covering this blog.

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Agrima is a Copywriter, helping B2C businesses with copy that converts and content that communicates.

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