This is a avatar generator tool . The user  can land on the page and can generate avatars seamlessly with few steps .

-> The users can see a generate avatar button then upload an image from their device , then after selecting the style of avatar the avatar is generated in seconds.

-> The user can also follow the steps that are given in the page and they can follow it easily and generate avatar.

-> Once the user is signed in they are navigated to the web app which has the Editor tools and other features.

-> The website is clean and neat , easily understandable and the requirements for the avatar generation are met.

-> The avatar can be generated with easy three steps.


Figma link - https://www.figma.com/file/OdLvIk9JXAQaZKPP9ijK52/Avatarize?type=design&node-id=0-1&mode=design&t=Z8SDloCuSSVoittD-0

10 Dec 2023

👀 Project details

Design a Single Page Avatar Generator App


Design a single-page avatar generator tool

The tool takes a picture as an input from the user and generates an avatar based on the selected style.


  • Landing Page / Tool Page
  • History Page

Detailed Flow and Instructions: