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Anshu Shandilya

Anshu Shandilya

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content and Creative Writing
  • Copywriting
  • SaaS Sales
Currently Building at Fueler
  • TBC Twitter Growth Plan

    This is a marketing and content writing plan to grow TBC Twitter handle In this documentation, you will be discovering...

    27 Aug 2022

  • Ship Me a Book

    Get Books Delivered To Your Home

    18 Mar 2022

  • Landing Page Copy for Virtual Tech Group

    Written copies for [Virtual Tech Group,]( creates virtual tours of colleges, hospitals,...

    05 Mar 2022

  • Autopilot Geek About Page Copy

    Written About Page Copy for Autopilot Geek, it's a lead generation website

    22 Feb 2022

  • Leadash Website Copy

    Lead Generation Website Copy Top-notch B2B leads at your fingertip

    05 Feb 2022

  • Warikoo Threads

    Discover the collection of warikoo life-changing Twitter Threads

    27 Jan 2022

  • The Boron Letters Compilation

    A series of letters by history's greatest copywriter Gary C. Halbert, explaining insider tactics and sage wisdom to his...

    21 Jan 2022

  • Copies for Ola Mobile App Notification

    Here are the copies I have written for [@Olacabs]( notifications. Would you click, if...

    10 Jan 2022

  • SimpleDM

    Explore amazing tools, stock images, illustrations, colors and many more things

    07 Jan 2022


    Instagram Story Inspirations from Popular Brands

    03 Dec 2021

  • Landing Page Copy

    In this project, I have written copies for different pages on Ok! Acquired. [Home Page](, [How...

    20 Oct 2021

  • Golden Twitter Ebook

    Golden Twitter, an ebook that helps you find amazing Twitter threads from the greatest thinkers the world has ever seen....

    03 Sep 2021

  • Sindhu Biswal Personal Website

    Developed a nocode website for Sindhu Biswal

    12 Aug 2021

  • Written Website copy for PromoZ

    A collection of cool and inspiring promotional videos. Promotional videos are one of the very first touch-point that a u...

    07 Aug 2021

  • Tagline copy for SS Pharmacy

    14 Jul 2021

  • 50 Ultimate CSS Threads by Pratham

    A compilation of 50+ threads on Web Development

    08 Jul 2021

  • The KunalShah Show

    Hey Makers, Builders and Creators 👋 Super excited about this launch, this product is a small tribute to the man whom I...

    14 Jun 2021

  • Side Project Almanac

    Collection of 150 cool side projects by inspiring makers, builders, and creators from all over the world The benefit of...

    06 May 2021

  • Copywriting Inspirations

    An Instagram Page where you can find interesting copywriting inspirations and case studies from brands all over the worl...

    17 Feb 2021

  • PHP Programming Language Tutorial - Full Course


    I learned the PHP programming language from this course. Things you are going to learn in this course: 1. Introduction...

    YouTube  04 Feb 2021

  • 100 App Ideas for Android Beginner

    This book is a compilation of 100 project ideas for aspiring software engineers who can try executing these ideas to mak...

    20 Jan 2021

  • Ideaspool

    An Instagram Page where you can find ideas for practicing different Technology stacks like Vue.js/React.js/Android/Flutt...

    10 Jan 2021

  • Started Building "Toolpool"

    An application to explore tools based on multiple domains. Like Software Development, Creative Writing, Graphic Designin...

    23 Dec 2020

  • Neil Patel: #1 Source for All things Marketing


    I learn Marketing from this channel. Neil Patel simplifies every topic in a way that you will never feel like learning....

    YouTube  23 Dec 2020

  • David Perell


    This is an amazing YT channel everyone should look into this, specially writers. Things I learn: - How to hone your cr...

    YouTube  12 Dec 2020

  • Technical Blog

    A blog where I write about Android App Development, Open Source Contributions, Product Launch.

    13 Nov 2020

  • Writer at The Innovation

    Gotten Invitation from The Innovation(A place for a variety of stories from different backgrounds) to write for their pu...

    The Innovation  04 Nov 2020

  • ValueRead

    An App specially made for students. [ValueRead](

    03 Nov 2020

  • Writer at

    Got Invite from Business Problems by Combining Machine Learning and Art) to write for their publicati...  08 Oct 2020

  • Arctic Code Vault Contributor

    Arctic Code Vault is an initiative by GitHub in collaboration with Microsoft Research, the Bodleian Library, Stanford Li...

    GitHub  18 Jul 2020

  • Started KiwisMedia Byte

    Byte is an initiative by KiwisMedia where anyone can learn anything within a few seconds. We call it "Bite-sized brain d...

    10 Jul 2020

  • Android Developer Lead


    My responsibility is to lead a tech team and guide developers if they face any problem or stuck somewhere while working.

    08 Jul 2020 - 20 Sep 2020

  • Software Engineering(Back-end) with Hussein Nasser


    I learned Software Application's Back-end development. Things like - Database Engineering - API Design - Networking -...

    YouTube  24 May 2020

  • Happilearning

    Happilearning is an open-space learning platform where passionate educators meet critical learners. It focuses on vernac...

    30 Apr 2020

  • Started writing Creative Blogs on Medium

    Here I write about Growth, Productivity, Jobs/Hiring, Creators, Tools.

    04 Apr 2020

  • JIS College of Engineering

    Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

    Kalyani  06 Mar 2020

  • Android Developer

    HTSM Technology Pvt. Ltd.

    My role was to develop and design Android Apps as per the client's requirement.

    20 Feb 2020 - 01 May 2020

  • App UI Design Inspirations

    A Pinterest Board where you can find cool App UI(User Interface) design inspirations.

    02 Feb 2020

  • Android P with machine learning

    In this certification, I learned about the basics of android - Views, - Layouts, - Different components, - Databases(SQL...

    Kalyani  15 Oct 2019

  • Blog published by MyClgNotes

    My blog on "Beginners Guide To Learning Python For Free" was published by MyClgNotes.

    MyClgNotes  25 Aug 2019

  • Selected for Benglathon National level Hackathon 2019

    My team was got selected for the final round of national-level hackathon. Our project was: Citizen feedback system.

    Benglathon  10 Aug 2019

  • System Design by Gaurav Sen


    I learned System Design from this channel. Things like, - How a software application works internally? - How can you d...

    YouTube  03 Jun 2019

  • Best College project award for Social Contribution

    JIS College of Engineering  22 Apr 2019

  • CSI Student Chapter President

    Computer Society of India Student Chapter, JISCE

    My role was to manage the team and suggest new ideas for events and improvement from past events. And keep active CSI St...

    05 Apr 2019 - 22 Apr 2020

  • Android Developer(Intern)


    Created custom mobile application using native technologies as per client specifications

    10 Feb 2019 - 02 Feb 2020

  • MindOrks: Android Developers Blog


    This website has amazing collections of blogs on Android App Development. Things I learn, - Basics of Android App Deve...

    Blog  07 Feb 2019

  • Top Social Media Volunteer

    Volunteered in the social campaign by NASSCOM Foundation on social issues.

    Mykartavya NASSCOM Foundation  05 Oct 2018

  • Android Debugger


    02 Oct 2018 - 22 Dec 2018

  • Selected for Benglathon National level Hackathon 2018

    My team was got selected for the final round of national-level hackathon. Our project was: e - Rickshaw booking via smar...

    Benglathon  08 May 2018

  • Coordinator Of Volunteers

    MHRD's Innovation Cell(Government of India)

    10 Apr 2018 - 20 Aug 2019

  • Vice President

    Computer Society of India Student Chapter, JISCE

    My role was to manage and encourage team to keep active CSI Student Chapter. And, We have organized several technical ev...

    06 Apr 2018 - 16 Apr 2019

  • Social Media Volunteer

    Mykartavya NASSCOM Foundation

    My role was to spread social awareness(Like, Senior citizen safety, Zero Hunger, good health, and well-being, etc) using...

    02 Apr 2018 - 25 Oct 2018

  • Samastipur College Samastipur

    Senior Secondary

    Samastipur  25 Mar 2016

  • High School Topper

    Mahavir Narendra Urmila High School  06 Jun 2014

    Fueler Achievement
  • Mahavir Narendra Urmila High School

    High School

    Samastipur  22 May 2014 - 22 May 2014

    Fueler Education

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