1811 Labs


Research & Content Intern at 1811 Labs

We are looking for a research & content intern for 1811 Labs. We are an AI micro saas product studio. This is a remote full-time internship opportunity. 

Kindly check the requirements and complete the assignment to apply. 

Applications close on Sunday, 17th Dec.
Joining - Immediately

Key Requirements:
- Write SEO Optimised Blogs for our AI micro products
- Write Reddit Posts & Twitter Threads for our Products
- Write Product Release/Feature Release Emails
- Conduct research for various content and micro-product ideas
For eg. Find 20 AI wrappers that made money in 2023. You will be required to find these tools and write a Reddit post around it
- Help out with Reel/Tiktok Ideas


Important Note: If you are using Chatgpt or any other AI tool, please ensure it does not sound mechanical. Also, you are expected to conduct proper research on what kind of blogs work for SaaS products. Do not blindly paste chatgpt led outputs. Look for what works on Google/Reddit and work on the assignment accordingly.

1. Write an SEO Optimised Blog for Audionotes (www.audionotes.app)
SEO Keywords: voice notes to text, AI Note taking, transcribe voice notes, audio to notes, audio notes, notes from audio
Blog themes (Pick any one): (Ensure the blog looks authentic and not a promotional blog for Audionotes) You can try out listicle blogs, review blogs, tutorial blogs or any other kind of blogs 
- How to transcribe voice memos 
- Top 5 AI Note taking apps
- Top 5 Voice Note-Taking Apps
- How to use OpenAI Whisper 
- How to use AI to improve your productivity

2. You have to research and write a post for Reddit on any one of the following -
(Feel free to optimize the caption/headlines for maximum reach)
- 10 AI wrappers archetypes which made tons of $$$ in 2023
- 10 Tips for a successful product hunt launch
- 10 High-Quality Platforms to Launch Your Product
- 5 AI Apps to improve your productivity as a student / How to use AI to improve your productivity as a student
- Top 5 Podcast Transcription & Content Repurposing Tools
- How to use AI to improve your productivity as a Doctor

3. Suggest Tiktok/Reel Ideas (along with a sample reel for each idea) for any of our Apps - 
Audionotes (www.summarify.me), Podnotes (www.podnotes.app), Summarify (www.summarify.me)
Research on what kind of reels work for AI apps and suggest accordingly.
You do need not to do all the 5 ideas for the same app but you should do a total of 5 ideas spread across all the 5 apps.

Submit your assignment in a neatly formatted google doc or a notion page (make sure you've turned on sharing)

Good Luck!

✨ Important note

  • Contribute to open source projects hosted by brands
  • The open source projects are meant for the portfolio building purpose, not necessarily for hiring purpose
  • On approval, your submission will be displayed on your portfolio