Top 5 Cohorts and Courses to Learn Social Media Marketing
Team Fueler

17 Jan, 2024

Top 5 Cohorts and Courses to Learn Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has been a very crucial part of every marketer’s journey. With over 4 billion daily active social media users, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok offer immense opportunities to connect with people globally. 

I am Prantik, a founding team member at Fueler. Today, I'm going to share about the top 5 cohorts to learn Social Media Marketing. You can take any one of these from the mentioned to be in the top 1% of social media marketers.

PS: These bootcamps require dedication. We're talking 4-12 months of intense learning and hard work. But hey, if you're serious about changing your life and becoming a top-class social media marketer, it's an investment worth making.

Let’s dive in,

Advanced Facebook Instagram Ads

Advanced Facebook Instagram Ads

1. Advanced Facebook Instagram Ads Course 

The Advanced Facebook Instagram Ads Course by Young Urban Project is a structured course that covers Facebook and Instagram ads in detail. 

The course is led by Puneet Tandon, who has managed over 100 crore in ad spends and worked with brands like Navi, Edelweiss, Zee, Cleartrip, and many more. The course is updated with strategies for 2024 and includes using ChatGPT to run effective ads.

The course content includes

  • understanding your audience on Meta platforms
  • audience stages/traffic temperature
  • campaign breakdown, targeting (demographic-based, interest-based, behavior-based, and layered)
  • ad creatives, and leveraging ChatGPT for Meta Ads

The course offers over 24 hours of on-demand lessons, real-world examples, and lifetime access to course lessons. Upon successful completion of all modules, learners receive an official certificate verified by Young Urban Project. The course is trusted by more than 10,000 learners

Crack those Socials

Crack those Socials

2. Crack Those Socials

Crack Those Socials is a 2-month online program created by social media experts Vedika Bhaia and Unnati Bagga to teach aspiring freelancers, agency owners, and startup founders how to generate leads and earn in 6 figures who have worked with big brands like Amazon Pay, Acer, Seekho & also personal brands like Vaibhav Sisnty, Raj Shamani, etc.

Through 10 comprehensive modules, you'll learn highly effective lead generation strategies like creating compelling offers, optimizing your online presence, cold outreach automation, and leveraging platforms like Fiverr and Facebook Ads.

By the end of this course, you'll have the skills to establish yourself as a social media marketing expert, attract high-value clients, and 10x your revenue.

Crack Those Socials also provides lifetime access to an exclusive community, marketing resources, and newsletters, as well as lead and tool discounts worth $2000. If you're serious about monetizing your skills and working with renowned brands, this structured and results-oriented program is perfect for taking your social media marketing career to new peaks.

Social Media Masterclass by Saheli

Social Media Masterclass by Saheli

3. Social Media Marketing MasterClass by Saheli

Saheli Chatterjee's Social Media Masterclass shows you how to turn your passion into a career. Saheli shared her story on how she made over $200,000 herself while still in college by doing social media marketing, so she knows what works.

In just 2 hours, this online course aims to provide you with a step-by-step blueprint for replicating her success in 30 days or less. It teaches you the basics of social media marketing across all the top platforms. You'll learn specific tactics like creating captivating posts and ads that convert followers into paying clients.

The course maps out how to establish your expertise by building a stand-out portfolio. You also get scripts and templates to simplify client outreach. By the end, you'll have a customized 30-day roadmap focused on landing real social media marketing gigs quickly.

On top of the video tutorials, you get lifetime access to free downloadable resources covering things like marketing strategies, content ideas, and useful worksheets.

For anyone passionate about social media, it's an affordable way to turn your skills to get to the top 1% in a Social Media Marketing career with Saheli's proven framework.

Social Media Marketing Course

Social Media Marketing Course

4. Social Media Marketing Course by GrowthAcad

For someone who is looking to grow their Social Media Marketing skills to the next level, this course is kind of the best curriculum-wise. The course contains a wide range of topics like engaging content, optimizing posts for visibility, and measuring success. 

The course also provides practical advice on how to utilize different social media platforms effectively, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

One of the most important things that makes the course stand out is, that the course has its emphasis on real-world applications. The instructors share their own experiences and insights, providing valuable context and guidance. They offer actionable tips and strategies that can be applied instantly to your own social media marketing efforts. Whether you are just beginning or seeking to enhance your existing skills, this course offers something for everyone.

Each module is independent and covers a specific topic in detail. This allows you to learn at your own pace and revisit any material you find challenging. The course includes quizzes and assignments to reinforce what you've learned and provide hands-on experience. 

By the conclusion of the course, you will have a strong/firm foundation in social media marketing and be well-prepared to drive results for your business or personal brand.

Social Media Marketing Course by Hubspot

Social Media Marketing Course by Hubspot

5. Social Media Marketing Course by HubSpot

HubSpot Academy's free social media marketing course covers everything from developing your social strategy to creating engaging content to measuring how well your posts are actually working.

The course packs over 5 hours of videos and nearly 30 quizzes into 8 lessons taught by real social media experts. You will be able to learn the ins and outs of all the major platforms, plus some handy tricks for both B2B and B2C brands. Whether you're just starting out in social media or want to level up your skills, it has everything to make you confident about Social Media Marketing.

By the end of the course, you will be certified with a social media marketing certificate to show off on your resume or LinkedIn, and that is also for free.

It's really worth taking the course if you are just starting out.

That’s all for the top recommended courses for Social Media Marketing, remember success in the industry is all about continuous learning and hard work in creating more Proof Of Work/ Projects that will support your story of being a world-class Social Media Marketer. 

By the way, as we are discussing Proof of work, let me introduce you to is a free portfolio tool where you can publish your proof of work as a Social Media Marketer. You can take a look at all the top profiles who are using Fueler to their fullest as a Social Media Marketer :)

These bootcamps can give you a great head start, but it's ultimately up to you to put in the effort and achieve your goals and showcase your expertise.

Good luck on your Social Media Marketing journey!

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