Top 3 Video Editing Cohorts in India
Team Fueler

28 Dec, 2023

Top 3 Video Editing Cohorts in India

Video content creation is BOOMING in India. 

By booming I mean like everyone (SMB’S, Content Creators, Startup’s, MNC’s) wants a Video Editor in their team to create content as distribution is the biggest factor in social media currently. If you have Distribution, you have the greatest currency everyone wants to have “one day” and, its ATTENTION. 

To meet this demand and get individuals with professional video production capabilities, a number of intensive boot camps have emerged.

These cohorts aim to take aspiring video editors and transform them into experts who are ready for careers in the industry.

They focus on building in-demand skills in areas ranging from software mastery in tools like After Effects and Premiere Pro, to motion graphics, animation, and more advanced techniques like implementing storytelling. 

Hey Everyone, I am Prantik, a founding team at Fueler andddd..... today, I'm going to share about Top 3 Video Editing bootcamps if you are from a Tier 2/3 college in India.

I have thoroughly analyzed the top video editing bootcamp programs based on some key factors:

  • The quality of instructors (because you are more likely to invest in people who you believe in)
  • Success of alumni in landing job opportunities offered by the bootcamp
  • Career support services offered, and 
  • Overall comprehensiveness of curriculum covering the most important factors in video editing.

These Cohorts are for you to take. But more importantly, to get your skills to the top 1%.

PS: These boot camps require dedication. We're talking 4-12 months of intense learning and hard work. But hey, if you're serious about changing your life and becoming a top-tier Video Editor, it's an investment worth making.

1. AevyTV ( )

Aevy TV

Aevy TV

AevyTV boasts a high placement rate. For the first three cohorts, 80% of students who opted for placements were successfully placed across three cohorts.

The alumni of this cohort had the opportunity to collaborate with famous people in the industry, including Ali Abdaal, Nikhil Kamath, Tanmay Bhat, Finance with Sharan, Tech Burner, and PhysicsWallah, among others.

Even though AevyTV discusses about the fact that it doesn't have 100% assurance on the placement part but it also boast a average of salaries typically ranging from 3-6 LPA per annum which quite promising when it comes to their pricing of the cohort.

2. TharunSpeaks ( )

Tharun Speaks

Tharun Speaks

TharunSpeaks offers a wide range of video editing courses that are designed to teach you everything about video editing in a short span of time.

The course is based on the instructor's 4 years of experience and is designed to be completed in 2 months.

The course comes in three tiers: Basic 2.0, Special Batch 2.0, and Premium 2.0. Each tier offers different features and benefits:

  • Basic 2.0: This tier includes studio-quality video lectures, weekly assignments, and costs ₹6000. You might not get much of a hands-on approach but the video lectures are very detailed to make you a better Video Editor in the field.
  • Special Batch 2.0: This tier starts from March 2024 and includes studio-quality video lectures, weekly assignments, weekly live classes, personal mentorship, free video editing assets worth 6000, and access to the instructor's personal mentorship group.
  • Premium 2.0: This tier includes studio-quality video lectures, weekly assignments, weekly live classes, personal mentorship, free video editing assets worth 8000, access to placements (earning up to 30K a month), and access to the instructor's personal mentorship group 2.

The course also provides free video editing assets such as light leaks, overlays, sound effects, fire elements, motion graphic templates, and LUTs. In addition, the course includes a YouTube channel for additional learning resources.

The course has been successful in helping students get placed and earn between 20k - 50k a month. Some of the successful students include Akash Majumder, Sankho Kun, Ajay Raj, Iqlipse Nova, Fraz (Google), and Rushi Kale.

If you're looking to learn video editing, offers a structured and affordable course that can help you improve your skills and potentially earn a good income.

3. BrightSo ( )



Brightso is a digital school that provides skill-based education in various fields, including video editing. The platform is designed to help individuals learn new skills, build a network, collaborate, find jobs, and level up in their careers 

One of the key features of Brightso is its focus on community-led learning. It encourages collaboration with like-minded individuals and offers a platform for networking with professionals in the field. The platform also hosts regular events and meetups, providing opportunities to learn from industry experts and network with professionals

Brightso offers a wide range of resources like

  • in-person workshops and online events
  • industry experts who have real-world experience in their field
  • Live master classes which also happen in-person meetups as well as live on Video platforms
  • Best part is, their platform is free to join, and all resources, including events, workshops, courses, and competitions, are offered at no cost to community members

To enroll in a course at Brightso, you need to fill out an application form and show why you want to join. During your time in the community, students will have access to instructors and tutors for help with assignments and other questions.

Many Brightso members have landed jobs through the community network.

The platform also provides a platform for learning and collaboration, where students can meet like-minded people and collaborate with them

Editing is crucial, but you also need an amazing list of projects to showcase your skills. Carefully curate a video portfolio highlighting your best and most creative work. Here is where comes in , we will help you showcase your best projects in a faster way.

All you need is 4 things:

  • Live links of Videos you edited
  • A great Thumbnail to showcase what you have built
  • Great Title so that people can understand in the first 3 seconds on what you have build
  • A detailed description on how you built it, problems you faced, tools you used and maybe also share a range of the usual project value for similar projects :)

We have curated some best portfolio’s for you for inspiration’s in your journey of having Video Editing as your profession. You can check them all here ⬇️

Rahaman Bin Ujit (⭐️ Featured)

Yuvraj Garg (⭐️ Featured)

Elen Stephen Kujur -

Anik Mandal

Darshil Prajapati

Ujjawal Kumar Das

Rishabh Dogra

Thanks for reading 😀

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