Souptik's Proof of Work Success Story - Issue #04

10 Jun, 2022

Souptik's Proof of Work Success Story - Issue #04

If you have to see if the consistent practice can really take you to places, Souptik's success story is the first thing you should dive in

Hello Souptik,

1. What’s your background and what are you working on?

Hello, I'm Souptik Debnath, currently freelancing as a UI/UX designer for various startups and creative individuals.

2. What inspired you to enter the digital design field?

That’s a great question actually!

As such you will never know when inspiration will strike. But when I was in high school I used to watch YouTube a lot and at that time I came to know about UI/UX from a recommended video. Then I just fell into it and was curious to know more about it.

3. Which skills are the most important for any successful designer?

For me it's,

a) Problem-solving

b) Time management

c) Strategy &

d) Communication

4. How do you see the future of web design?

As we know web designing is one of the fastest-growing digital sectors globally.

Well, I see web design as really crucial since it shapes how your audience recognizes/leads your brand. The fact is a good web design keeps your users/visitors on your page longer.

5. What makes a good UI?

I'll say Consistency, Flexibility of uses and just following the basics of design! makes a good UI 🙌

6. Have you tried something else before?

Actually, I didn’t try anything before. I just found designing and coding much more fascinating, so I wanted to dive more into it.

Story Time!!

7. How exactly does Fueler help you land your opportunities?

Long story cut short, at the time I joined Fueler I explored the platform and documented all my works, achievements, basically, I was creating proof of my works, which really helped me to land potential clients by showing works.

8. What's your advice for young opportunity seekers who are just starting out?

Just keep yourself organized, follow the basics, ask for assistance/guidance, and always make sure that whatever you do, you enjoy it 🤞

As a final word, never stop learning.

Special thanks to Fatima for covering this success story.

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