Mehul's Proof of Work Success Story - Issue #05

15 Jun, 2022

Mehul's Proof of Work Success Story - Issue #05

Hello Mehul,

What’s your background and what are you working on?

Hey! I’m Mehul, quite popular in my college as a ‘Startup Guy’ and in my Twitter community, they know me as a UX designer! Did I forget to tell you that I’m a CSE student too?

Well, Proud to call me an official Generalist at Team Fueler itself.

What opportunity were you looking for? Why? (before getting to know about Fueler)

If you ever bump into my Fueler profile you will only see UI/UX design and Front end development proof of works, which tells - this is where most of my interest lies when it comes to landing opportunities.

Mehul Proof of Work on

Mehul Proof of Work on

Have you ever faced any difficulties while landing opportunities?

I believe If there’s any career you’ve chosen and you’re not facing any problems - You are not actually growing.

Other than the fact - I realized If the prospect does not understand the value of Proof of work you can’t do anything about it except share - your handcrafted creation with those who really care about it.

Was there a “turning point”? Which factors played an important role in your decision to choose us? Fueler

The other alternative to Fueler I consider is LinkedIn (when it comes to showing my portfolio and background), but LinkedIn could never be my number one priority, here’s why:

1. As a designer, if I’m able to show my proof of work, it has a stronger impact on the first impression they have of my skills resulting in setting the worth of it.

2. I simply do not believe in fake professionalism where people are just talking, not showing anything

3. I have my hands dirty doing dozens of freelancing work - but I haven’t figured it how do I fill my experience section on LinkedIn yet.

Have you found anything particularly helpful or advantageous about Fueler?

I think I do not have to mention how helpful Fueler team members are because all of us know about it, here are 2 things I found really helpful

1. I love the FUELER BUCKET feature, which allows me to send the specific work that the prospect is looking for. And I’ve personally noticed that the conversion rate with Fueler bucket is higher than just sharing your Fueler profile

2. Tons of OPPORTUNITIES in your mailbox from a variety of companies looking for freelancers and employees. I do not have to go through different websites to look for opportunities when the right ones are just sitting in my inbox brought to you by Fueler.

Story Time!! How exactly we help you land your opportunities?

Throwback to the time, I saw my alumni, JAB WE MET Fueler was a completely different model known as Kiwismedia back then and I use to do graphic designing at that time…

Down the line, the core members decided to turn Kiwismedia into Fueler - A platform to showcase your proof of work and land 10x better opportunities.

I work as a generalist here, participating in various bootstrapping activities and upskilling myself being a part of the Fueler community.

What's your advice for young opportunity seekers who are just starting out in UI/UX?

You can literally find tons of inspirational and educational videos out there, You can watch them.

I’ll just share 4 tips that’ll kickstart your career if you’re just starting out -

1. “Try as many things as possible when you’re young (especially in college) THE SOONER THE BETTER” - words by my mentor Riten Debnath

2. You might feel like learning all of it at once and YOU WILL TRY learning all of them at once - but remember that’s the worst mistake you can ever make. Pick one - excel - repeat.

3. Try to make your life easier using the latest tools and technology which you can easily get to know from my YOUTUBE CHANNEL

4. Start creating PROOF OF WORK - Before you have any WORK.

What would you like to say to every recruiter looking to hire designers?

If you want to measure someone’s experience the only way is - Proof of work

Special thanks to Fatima for covering this success story.

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