How to Show Your Work as a Digital Marketer?

18 Mar, 2022

How to Show Your Work as a Digital Marketer?

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Learning a skill is a great start to your career, but you can’t stop over there after that actual journey begins. To make use of that skill you need to attract people. And here portfolio comes into the picture.

Instead of showing traditional resumes, CVS showing a portfolio is the best way to impress clients or recruiters.

A portfolio is a compilation of material that shows examples of your work.

  • Why do you need a Digital Marketing Portfolio?

If you are looking for a digital marketing job or freelance basis clients it’s better you have a portfolio so the opposite person gets the idea that what you know. If you showcase your work half the work is done.

  • What work to show in the Digital Marketing Portfolio?

You might have a question about what to show as a digital marketer in a portfolio because as a writer or designer it’s obvious what can be included in the portfolio.

But as a digital marketer there might be a big question of what should be included because it involves planning, strategic thinking ..which cannot be captured.

A digital marketing portfolio can include posts from  social media campaigns, a caption that describes your role, and following things:

  1. Which social platform did you use?
  2. What was your role and how did you contribute?

Marketing portfolios can also have analytics alongside visuals.

In addition to showcasing your social media campaigns and contributions, consider expanding your portfolio with visual aids. For instance, you can explore poster designs that match the tone of your campaigns or thematic content. Including such customized posters not only enriches the aesthetics of your portfolio but also demonstrates your ability to leverage graphic design in digital marketing strategy.

If you don’t have any digital marketing work experience, you can still start making a marketing portfolio. Focus first on personal projects and social media profiles, which can be a way to showcase your digital marketing skills.

Now arises one more question: how to show a portfolio…

  • How to show a Portfolio?

To start making a portfolio, who will need to know first about a portfolio website that helps you to organize and showcase your work.

Here Fueler comes into the picture which helps you to build your work profile for free with a lot of features.

Here's are some inspiration for Marketing Portfolio:

1. Copywriting

2. Content Writing

3. Social Media Marketing

4. Marketing

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Fueler Hall of Fame

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