Proof of Work for Developers: Build Your Portfolio

04 Aug, 2023

Proof of Work for Developers: Build Your Portfolio

Hey, Rahul here! As a developer, you know that creating a solid portfolio is essential to stand out from the crowd and prove your worth.

I'm here to show you how to create a powerful Proof of Work (PoW) portfolio to back up your skills and demonstrate your capabilities to employers and clients.

In this guide, I'll help you understand what PoW is, the importance of creating a portfolio, and provide the best tips and tricks to ensure your profile stands out.

I assume you have some knowledge of the technical terms and technologies as a beginner, but don't worry - this guide is designed to make it super easy for you to create an awesome PoW portfolio.

So let's get started and show the world what you're capable of!

What exactly is a Developer Portfolio?

As a developer, creating a portfolio of your work is one of the most important things you can do for your career. A developer portfolio, or proof of work, shows potential employers or clients the kinds of projects you've built and the skills you have. It's a chance to showcase your abilities in a visual way.

What to Include in Developer Portfolio Proof of Work?

Development projects are proof of that as a developer you have built them and you understand them. So your proof of work must include all the necessary things like:

  • Description: Give your project a description of what the project is about
  • Technologies Used: List the technologies you used to build the project, such as programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools.
  • Open Source: If your project is open source provide the Link of the project inside the description
  • Your Role: Explain your specific role in the project, including what you contributed and what your responsibilities were. If you collaborated with someone you can include them in your project then this work will be visible on both of your profiles.
  • [Optional]Challenges and Solutions: Highlight any challenges you faced during the project and explain how you overcame them(this can help your client understand how you overcome problems).

These are some common points your proof of work must have, you can add multiple things like if you have worked for a client, if it was a freelance project, etc. The clear the better. Adding these things makes your profile more clean and simple for your client to judge.

How to Create Proof of Work for Developers

As discussed above in the first paragraph, Proof of Work means proof of the work you have done, evidence, or strong work. In this section, I will give you a headstart about publishing your first proof of work as a developer.

Signing up at

Fueler is an online portfolio tool that is built on the vision for Proof of Work. Try Google Sign-in for faster signups.

Fueler Register Page

Fueler Register Page

After signing up customize your profile by clicking on your profile photo which is on the top right.

Your dashboard will look something like this.

Fueler Dashboard

Fueler Dashboard

Now here comes the most important part.

  • Click on Publish work, and paste the link of your published Project. Just like I did. And click on Submit.
Fueler Publish Work

Fueler Publish Work

  • You’ll see a page where you can edit your Proof of Work. You’ll also see that it has automatically extracted images and the title and a small description (let’s edit them all).

Now let's paste the Dev project Proof of Work Format(we made it above) in the box and make it live.

  • Here you can take a look at my proof of work, simply, and gives a direct understanding of my work.
Fueler Proof of Work

Fueler Proof of Work

  • After this, you just have to set the date when your project went live and hit on the Next Button, and it will take you to a page where you can add tags, and collaborators(I work solely so not adding collaborators). If you have worked collectively with someone for a Dev project then you can add a collaborator.
Tip: Please add tags related to your proof of work, it will help you gain more discoverability, and maybe kudos😉
  • The page will something looks like this after you add tags
Fueler - Add tags and collaborators to your project

Fueler - Add tags and collaborators to your project

Now just hit the PUBLISH button, and you’re Proof of Work is live. Give yourself 2-3s of Kudos.

Fueler Proof of Work Live

Fueler Proof of Work Live

Now your Proof of Work looks as smart as you.

Some examples of Developer Portfolios

1 . Treasure Ajefu's Proof of Work Portfolio

Treasure Ajefu's Portfolio

Treasure Ajefu's Portfolio

2. Dhravya's Proof of Work Portfolio

3. Rikas's Proof of Work Portfolio


To wrap it up, it's essential for developers to create Proof of Work to showcase their knowledge and expertise. Having an impressive portfolio that captures the attention of employers and clients is extremely important.

By taking into consideration the advice and instructions given in this guide, developers can compile an effective portfolio that exhibits their proficiency in the area. Keep it concise, and pertinent, and accentuate your accomplishments to make a lasting impression.

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