Fueler.io Monthly Review | June 2023
Riten Debnath

24 Jul, 2023

Fueler.io Monthly Review | June 2023

Starting our June Review with a very profound quote— "Proof of Work aisa banao ki 4 log opportunity dene chale aye"


  • 100+ Engagements in Polls. We discovered a strong presence of web developers and web designers in our community. The poll results emphasized the demand for these skills, and it's exciting to see the potential for collaboration and growth within our community.

  • 🎉 We celebrated the success of our community members in book giveaways. Congratulations to Sharvin and Ridima for winning books in Ankur Warikoo's giveaway!

  • Sparsh, one of our OG community members, announced the launch of his YouTube channel and collaborated with us on a video about "Unlocking better Jobs, Internships, and Opportunities with Proof of Work."
  • Priya Paul reminded us of the power of celebrating others' achievements and offered words of encouragement to the community. Btw you should definitely check her on IG. She is on her 100 Days Design Challenge and it’s going crazyy.
  • Mehul Fanawala shared some exciting news – The Clueless Company, his venture, was recognized as one of India's Top 100 Small Business Consulting Firms by Clutch.

One of our community members closed a client deal worth 50k and received an interview call for a product management role.


  • Our weekly premium membership community session delved into freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, and freelancers.comWe discussed topics such as setting up profiles, pricing, Proof of Work, social media platforms, cold outreach, and more.
  • We celebrated a big W from one of our community members, Pratheek, who reached 3k followers on Instagram and hit 1.1M views.
  • We're bringing back Proof of Work virtual meetups every Tuesday from 7 to 7:30 PM. These sessions provide a fantastic opportunity to discuss Proof of Work.
  • We had a productive discussion in our WhatsApp group about creating work that challenges our skills and explicitly mentioning that it's a permissionless project. Join our WhatsApp community.


  • This month we have also launched our brand module, It is currently in beta. If you're a startup founder or agency owner, join us on the waitlist to join this initiative and build your team efficiently.
  • Our website traffic update reveals an exciting development. LinkedIn has emerged as a significant traffic source for Fueler, accounting for 45.27% of our traffic, closely followed by Twitter at 42.37%.
  • New milestone unlocked: 65 members joined Fueler Membership


  • We received a recommendation for Fueler from a YC Founder.
  • We're excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Fueler School of Freelancing! Following the success of the Fueler School of Writing, we're expanding our educational offerings to support knowledge workers in our community.

We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements! Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

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