Cold Emails: What they are and Why they are not Spam
Team Fueler

17 Oct, 2022

Cold Emails: What they are and Why they are not Spam

Cold Emailing is no longer seen by many as an efficient method of outbound marketing because in their views it has been replaced by spam

But this is not the case; in fact, a "cold" email message is still a very effective tool for conducting business, nurturing connections, and acquiring clients. Only if you know how to do it, as getting a response to a cold email is not a guarantee: the first rule is to stay out of the spam folder!

What are Cold Emails?

Any email sent to a recipient with whom you have no prior contact is considered a cold email. It is a message that unexpectedly appears in your email Inbox with the primary goal of starting a dialogue and developing a relationship.

Cold Emails have the virtue of being less intrusive and upsetting than telemarketing calls or the start of a personal conversation between two strangers. They may also not explicitly ask for anything other than to start a connection on a particular, constrained topic that the recipient is interested in.

How should a winning cold email be set up?

A basic template for you to take inspiration from can be:

  • Initial greeting:  Hello/Greeting + recipient's first name/first and last name
  • Introduction: My name is [your name] and I am/cover the role of [title] at [company name]
  • Email Body: (e.g.) We have launched a new product/service [explain what it is and what the main features, strengths, and benefits are, why you should try it]
  • Closing CTA: Are you available for a meeting/phone appointment on [add date and time]?
  • Leave: Thank you for your time/Greetings/Hope to hear from you again soon

Signature with personal other contacts [Phone, Skype, Linkedin]

Not all setups can be the same, but this is certainly useful as a starting point.

Are Cold Emails Spam?

Spam is choking email boxes, and distinguishing between unwanted messages and cold emails that may have a potential interest is by no means simple. 

However, there are substantial differences between the two:

  1. Spam uses fake sender names
  2. Spam doesn’t include contact information
  3. Spam is impersonal and generic
  4. Spam is not intended to initiate a relationship but to finalize an immediate purchase
  5. Spam is one-to-many communication; a Cold Email must be one-to-one


Cold Emailing is a tricky acquisition channel that needs practice, expertise, and a certain level of mastery.

Additionally, because it is always changing, it needs to keep its knowledge up to date in order to stay useful in its operations. However, when properly executed, it is one of the most efficient, affordable, and long-lasting strategies to provide B2B leads.

To do it properly and get the best results, it is often a good idea to rely on professionals in the field who can support you in defining the best message.

Where to recruit them? 

There are numerous platforms for recruiting freelance professionals and there you can find a resume of skills, references, and portfolios helping you with hiring the best choice for your strategy.

If you too are a professional or an aspirant in the digital marketing field and think you can make a contribution to interested companies, Create your portfolio on Fueler now and showcase all your skills!

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