Aanchal's Proof of Work Success Story - Issue #06
Team Fueler

19 Aug, 2022

Aanchal's Proof of Work Success Story - Issue #06

Hey Aanchal, thanks for joining us today, we’ll try to take this interview in a such way that the audience reading this will start believing in the power of Proof of Work and start leveraging it like we are

Tell us about yourself, your background, and what are you doing currently

Heyyo! This is Aanchal from Rajasthan completing my studies in Delhi. I inhale and exhale design - I love making Youtube thumbnails.

I’ve been getting my hands dirty in designing with the help of various internships and Freelance projects. I am a student of life but I barely study for my academics.

What motivated you to get into Graphic designing?

I’ve tried a lot of stuff during pandemics, you name it I’ve done it - Digital marketing, content writing, coding etc etc… until I bumped into Graphic designing - my college introducing me to Canva was the cherry on top.

Furthermore, I started learning design in-depth and made my first design which you can see below. I can tell, this is my passion because I never get tired when I’m designing.

Aanchal Thumbnail Design

Aanchal Thumbnail Design

(Wait until the end to see my most recent thumbnail)

What went into landing the first opportunity - Was it tough?

When I wanted to work for someone, the only question that bothered me the most is ‘Why would they trust me?’ - reality slammed in my face when Riten told me, I need to Present my Proof of work with confidence

For the longest time, I didn’t have to do anything with any of these - Presentation, Proof of Work, and Confidence.

Hence, the journey at the start was quite difficult, if I had to go back in my initial days - I would only focus on these 3 things to make it as smooth as butter.

What role does Proof of Work play in your career? How have you used it so far?

If I’ve ever got to work in some of the best startups like Josh Talk India was because of my Proof of work.

Proof of Work is like a no-questions-asked entry pass.

I have used my Proof of work to land my dream internships, high-ticket clients, and an opportunity to work with Sachin Ramje. Once you start seeing the power of this - there’s no way to go back.

What are the biggest challenges you've faced and obstacles you have overcome? If you had to start over, what would you do differently?

Confidence comes from taking courageous actions.

In my initial days, I lost so many amazing opportunities just because I was thinking “I’m not ready yet”. So now, I wish I would’ve just said yes to everything that came to me, in order to seek some experience.

Have you ever used Fueler to land an opportunity?

A hundred and fifty-one times YES!

It’s one of my favourite tools after Photoshop, and I think every designer must have this to show their portfolio. It helps you present your work neatly and systematically.

What do you love the most about Fueler?

Fueler Bucket! Absolutely in love with it.

Every designer must have variation in their work and they must be ready with a bucket if a prospect wants to see something specific rather than pasting them the entire portfolio.

Aanchal Thumbnail Design Bucket

Aanchal Thumbnail Design Bucket

Check it out here

What’s your advice to the opportunity seekers who are just starting out?

  1. Don’t wait for someone to build your proof of work - start doing permissionless projects
  2. When in doubt, take action - Self-doubt is common, I face it almost every day. But the only solution is to work more and take more actions without thinking too much, and take actions, don’t think too much.
  3. Be Fearless - Only when you start taking risks, you’ll start seeing some progress without falling into the loop of perfection. Compared to my first thumbnail above, this is what my current design looks like.
Aanchal Thumbnail Design

Aanchal Thumbnail Design

Which is your favourite quote? Why is it so?

It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting

My goals and dreams drive me to work so hard. They push me to become a better version of myself.

There’s always an excitement that someday I am going to live that dream of mine. Hence, I resonate with this quote and I hope it inspires you.

Special thanks to Fatima for covering this success story.

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