How to Find Proof of Work Ideas?

28 Jun, 2022

How to Find Proof of Work Ideas?

Finding a relevant proof of work idea has become a headache, especially when you are just starting out.

Learning a skill will be irrelevant if you do not proof of work out of those learning. 

Another major issue I found while learning a skill on the internet is no matter what courses, training programs, or Bootcamp you enroll for, they will tell you to practice the same proof of work ideas that were practised by folks decades ago. 

Learning a skill means you have knowledge about its ins and outs. And, that would be only possible when you work on different proof of work based on different problems or scenarios. 

But, I am not here to complain about all the existing issues, I am here to help you find the proof of work ideas that will help you master the skills you are learning. 

There are several tricks by which you can find proof of work ideas on the internet, that I will be sharing in the next blog. 

Today I will be showing you some proof of work idea-collections that will blow your mind. 

So, let's dive in. 

Proof of Work Ideas Page

Fueler Proof of Work Idea Page ||

Fueler Proof of Work Idea Page ||

It's a website where you will find crazy ideas from Marketing, Writing, Design, Development, Web3 (Coming soon), Finance (Coming Soon)

Here you will find 250+ proof of work ideas, the best thing about these ideas is, this has been published with the goal to help you create an impressive portfolio with best proof of work. 


Valueread ||

Valueread ||

Before I tell you about it, tell me about the skills you are interested in learning by DMing me

It's one of my favourite websites on the internet, whenever I need an idea regarding anything I visit this. 

ValueRead is a collection of

  • Proof of Work Ideas, 
  • Playbooks to kickstart Design, Writing and Development skills 
  • Google Search Tips and Tricks
  • Hidden side of Twitter

This isn't just a random website I am telling you about, every resource you will be seeing here has been leveraged by 17000+ people around the world to master a skill and land an opportunity.

Whenever you look for an opportunity, companies or decision-makers want to look at the proof of work you have worked on, and when they get to see your proof of work around their company offering, it automatically increases your chances of getting the opportunity. 

And, these ideas help you achieve that. You just need to pick ideas that excite you and start working on it. 

These are some of those resources that you will never want to lose. Before you lose, bookmark this blog quickly. 

Which one of them did you like most? 

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