Your Journey can become Someone's Life Goal

20 Nov, 2021

Your Journey can become Someone's Life Goal

Humans are born to fascinate.

Our way of living, thinking, actions are derived from our fascinations.

In the same way, most of the time our dream also depends upon what’s fascinates us.

Suppose you watched The Wolf of Wall Street, next moment you start dreaming of your life in place of Leonardo’s life. And, it may happen that in the future you took your career decision based on that movie’s impact on your mind.

Let’s think for a second, you want to be a cricketer, and the next moment you found something on the internet where you will get to know about the journey of your favorite cricketer. You will be able to see “What path they followed to become where they are right now?”, “What are the failures they faced in their journey?”.

In the same way, think about your journey. Your journey can also help someone in achieving their goal.

You may think, you haven’t done anything in your life.

But, who knows there can be something in your journey by which someone will be able to find their life treasure.

Don’t forget, “Every Expert was a Beginner”.

I believe, Every human being on this planet has something special. And, that special thing makes their journey special.

So, you are special and your journey is also special. You just have believed in yourself and start documenting it.

By documenting your journey, you will be able to showcase your achievements, hard works, recognitions to this world. In which someone is waiting to get inspired by your journey.

Explore these journeys of the great mind of the world.

Keep Documenting Your Journey.

Keep Inspiring.

Thanks for being with me.

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