You Are One Email Away from Your Dream job

17 Nov, 2021

You Are One Email Away from Your Dream job

Welcome readers,

Getting a job offer has certain steps that everyone must understand.

Steps are like:

STEP 1: Prepare yourself.

In this step, you have to get ready for the job you are looking for. Prepare yourself in a way that no one will be able to say no to you.

STEP 2: Grab the Employer’s attention.

In this step, you have to get the attention of the employer either through hiring platforms, referrals or social platforms, cold emails and show them why you should be part of their company, showcase your capabilities by showing your works, show they how you are the only who can handle their responsibilities.

STEP 3: Get the Job offer.

And, In this step, you have to land on that job and get the offer letter.

By following these steps, anyone can crack any job they dream of.

🤯 How am I able to claim that?

I am able to claim this, because of the results and responses I have got after following this approach rather than traditional approaches.

And, I am not the only person who is telling to follow this approach.

There are amazing people (Founder, CEO, Engineer, Writers, Designer, VCs) out there who also suggest trying this approach.


Guides shared in this blog is applicable for those individuals who had experiences in doing something. At least they have some projects to showcase. And, they are struggling to get the employer’s attention.

Have you heard of the term we are discussing in this blog Cold Email?

What is Cold Email?

A cold Email is an approach in which someone emails a recipient without their prior permission for any purpose, it can be either someone need help, guide or looking for a job, etc.

Through this approach, you can grab the employer’s attention directly. This approach gives you the freedom to show the employer why you are suitable for the role. You have to show them your capabilities by words.

Here are snaps of emails that worked:


🤔 But Bro, I have never written a single piece of cold email in a while, how will I write this one?

That’s where I have some templates for you. That will help you in giving a basic idea about how to draft a cold email that will be enough to convince the person sitting receiving end.

Respected Sir/Madam {name in case name is mentioned},
I read your job posting on for the position of Software Engineer in Winforms Applications.
In my current position as a Software Engineer in ABC Company, I created a Registry Cleaner using native libraries and customized functionalities and wrote various functionalities for enabling system restoration, detecting and clearing bad registries and saving & managing the restore points.
I involved myself in Creating the Setups using NSIS and creating Installers using .msi. And was given the responsibility to maintain the version control as well as the version updation of the software. I was entrusted with the responsibility for configuring the server, hosting the project in IIS and maintaining the website. I had played an active role in online marketing, blogging, API Integrations, Payment Gateways such as ccavenue, Paypal, Bpoint.
The URL of the application is as follows:
My resume is attached. If I can provide you with any further information on my background and qualifications, please let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.
John Doe
Home Phone
Cell Phone



Here are more resources to explore more about cold email:

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3. How to write a cold email with the purpose of getting a job or internship?

There is one thing, you have to care about and that is recipient do not block, spam your mail address.

Bro, I understood, how to write a cold email. But, How will I get the employer’s email?

Check these tools to find emails from the company you interested in. With the help of these tools you can get the email from anyone in the company, it can be either CEO, founder or tech lead.

  1. Hunter

Visit the website and search the company and get the list of accessible email addresses.

Hunter || KiwismediaHunter

2. Clearbit

The Same guide applies to this tool also. Just visit the website and search the company and get the list of accessible email addresses.

Clearbit || KiwismediaClearbit

Hope you have found this helpful.

On the closing note, please do not press the send button until you are ready.

Also, email marketing software plays a vital role while sending your email, so while choosing the tool you need to consider all important features.

You can use the email lookup tool to find information associated with a specific email address. This may include details such as the owner's name, location, social media profiles and other relevant information. This will help you in cold email marketing.


Let me know if you need any help.

Special Thanks to Shubham Agarwal.

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