Write, what you like to read

17 Nov, 2021

Write, what you like to read

Writing is a process where you get a clear image of your thoughts.

When you write about things you wanted to read about you write with honesty. 

Honesty also comes when you don’t think about what others will think about it. 

After following this process of writing you attract other thinkers around the world who also attracted by your thought. Sometimes, people feel the same thoughts but they are not able to express it and when they read or watch the same thoughts from others they feel a little calm. Because, they think, there is someone who thinks like them. 

In this way, you attract thinkers, readers around the world.

Have you observed, when you read something your mind also react to those sentences and give you idea according to your perspective?

I have faced this many time and one the best thing about is that Reading helps me in brainstorming ideas to write and most of the time inspirations comes in the context of things I wanted to read about.

You should write about things, you wanted to read. If you write and you feel bored while reading your own writing then think about how other people will take interest in your writing.

Thanks for being with me.

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