Why Every Creator Must Have a Portfolio?

17 Nov, 2021

Why Every Creator Must Have a Portfolio?

Before we dive into why let’s first understand who actually is a creator?

Every individual can call themselves a creator if they have ever created, built, designed. Like:

  • If you have ever painted, you are a creator.
  • If you have ever designed a web/app page, you are a creator.
  • If you have ever designed a logo, poster, you are a creator.
  • If you have ever written a blog, you are a creator.
  • If you have ever developed a software application, you are a creator.

Now you call yourself a creator, it’s time to allow the world to try and taste what you have created. Because your creation is incomplete without a few critics.

So, now we will understand What is Portfolio?

A Portfolio is a collection of assets owned by an investor. Every creator is an investor who invests their hard work, sweat, focus to create something that will solve a problem and that creation is their assets.

A portfolio is an Internet art gallery where a creator can collect all of their creations

Why having a portfolio is important?

It doesn’t matter what’s your background is, whenever you will start looking for a job or client having a portfolio is a must.

Your work Portfolio is the only medium through which you will be able to show that you are capable of doing that job.

By sharing your work portfolio with the world, you allow your works to speak on behalf of you. And, that’s the real power of having a portfolio.

Every person on the earth holds the power to create something and show that to the world. And, having a good portfolio is a medium through which you can allow strangers to explore your works, what you have created. Thanks for reading.

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