Why Building asset should be your main goal in life?

16 Nov, 2021

Why Building asset should be your main goal in life?

Money only come to seducers and assets building is one of the way to seduce.

Let’s first understand “what is asset?”.

There is a super simple definition by Robert Kiyosaki, he states that “Something that put money into your pocket”.💰

What are things you can do, or you are doing that is putting money into your pocket?

☐ Do you have a job?

☐ Do you run business/own share?

☐ Do you own houses that are on rent?

But these are giant words, everyone can’t deal with these at early stage.

Can you tell something that can be build and owned by someone who has $0 in the pocket but have access to Internet, food, clothes?🤔

Let’s assume, you are an 18-year-old guy/girl who is figuring out what to do in life, what to pursue next.

👨🏻‍💻Do you enjoy coding?

Build a Software application by picking a problem and share with the world to use it, ask for people’s suggestions.

Examples of assests: Curls

🎨Do you enjoy designing?

Design Poster, Website/App User Interface, Logo, Advertising poster, book cover share your design on Behance, dribble. Reach out to experts and ask for their suggestions about your work.

Examples of assets: HandZ & Gal Shir

✍🏼Do you enjoy writing?

Pick something that you love to talk about and write about it and share that piece with your friend, share on social platforms.

Examples of assets: Write of Passage

Same applies for other domains also.

Just Learn about something that interest you, create something out of that knowledge and share with the world and ask for suggestions and keep doing it until you start receiving good feedbacks on your works.

And, and, and now you can start monetizing your works. Because you have shown the world your worth, power of your work.

Examples of Assests

When you completely focus on building assets rather than jumping from one domain to another domain, you start opening the door to set yourself free.

Freedom to invest your time without thinking about money, freedom to go anywhere, anytime without facing money as an issue, freedom to spend time with your family as much time as you want to. Asset building is the only way that can give you this freedom.

Sometimes we stuck in a situation where we know, we understand, what and how we have to do. But, we are just wasting our time thinking about unnecessary possibilities.

So, That’s why I am here to tell you to Don’t worry and not waste time thinking and planning about something.

Just ideate, create, monetize and launch.
And, let the world decide whether they need that or not.

If your 1st move don’t work out, don’t just quit.

Start analyzing why it didn’t work?, Is there really no one who is interested in it, or I haven’t distributed well?, What are the improvements can make this better for the world?

By looking for these answers, you will be able to find loopholes.

Quitting after first move and start living normal is not a solution. You were already that life, your little push resulted something, and it need some more push to result better than the last one.

So instead of thinking about quitting, start planning for the next and give your 500% to result better than the last one.

Thanks for reading.

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