What's New in Fueler: April 2022

25 Apr, 2022

What's New in Fueler: April 2022

This month was mainly around brainstorming, goals, optimization, awareness, surprises, surprises and surprises. 

The month started with an exciting opportunity, one of the team members got a full-time job opportunity from Hashnode based on their proof of work. 

After getting this kind of opportunity, we get encouraged to work on the mission we are working on. 

Proof of work is becoming currency to get into any opportunity you think of, no matter whether it's an opportunity from a tech giant or a unicorn startup. 

Proof of work helps you impress anyone without showing anything else. 

We started giving away Fueler merch to lucky persons on Twitter. 

Started leveraging stats based marketing

In the last 8-9 months, there have been a numbered of magical things, but we didn't focus on them. 

But, this month we prepared a proper collection of marketing creative to spread the word about the magical things happening in Fueler. 

Helped 6 brands find best-fit team members 

Brands have been onboarding folks for their team from Fueler, this month we helped 6 brands get connected with amazing folks and get validated based on the proof of work showcased on Fueler. 

The best part about this is, that brands are welcoming this way with open arms and that's what makes us happy. 

Helped individuals land better opportunities

Not only brands, but folks using Fueler have also landed their dream opportunities with the help of having proof of work. 

Surprisingly, we got to know that, when they show their proof of work, clients or employers do not ask for anything else other than their personal details, their hobbies and their likes and dislikes. 

Launched Fueler Event Page

Remember, last month, we hosted our first ever Fueler meet in Kolkata, India?

We have presented the special moments from the event on a website, check it out here

Welcomed new team members.

This month, new team members have joined our journey and started helping us in achieving our goals. 

They all are super energetic and enthusiastic about learning and exploring new things. You will feel excited after meeting them in person.

Started series of sessions around writing and design for community members

At the start of this month, we decided to make our community private and connect with folks on a personal level and by aiming that, we hosted multiple sessions around writing and design. 

In these sessions, we discussed a lot about the importance of having proof of work, how to leverage proof of work, ways to make money from design or writing skills and a lot more amazing things. 

Sent 95+ Exciting Opportunities

You must be aware of the weekly opportunities we send to everyone who has at least one work showcased on Fueler. 

This month, we sent around 95+ opportunities around Design, Development, Marketing Product Management and Web3. 

Launched Fueler Proof of Work Engine

Proof of Work engine helps you get the idea of how to land opportunities with proof of work. It’s a step by step roadmap to understanding how things work when it comes to creating projects and landing opportunities.

Giveaway numbers of amazing resources

Every month, we share tons of amazing resources with our Twitter and Discord communities. 

Here are the resources we shared this month, 

Fueler is active on LinkedIn now

If you are on LinkedIn, let's connect with us and start exploring new and amazing content there also. We will be sharing stories around making money, proof of work, success stories and leveraging network. 

We are sure you will get to explore new insights and resources. 

Let’s connect

Taken first ever session in an engineering college around proof of work

Yess, finally it happened. After 2 years of COVID, finally got the chance to connect with college students and tell them about the power of having proof of work and it was super exciting and fun. 

We are going to have this more often in the next months, let's see how it goes. It humbling to see how students from different backgrounds coming together for a similar purpose. 

Book Giveaways

Did you win any of our giveaways?

We love books, in fact books are the main reason Fueler exists today and team Fueler came together. Books have made a deep impact on us. 

That's why we keep doing the giveaway more often and encourage individuals to spend time reading. 

Design and Development session at Skillvalley

Last month, we partnered with a Cohort Based Course, in that Cohort based course our Development and Design leads were mentoring students in creating proof of work. And how they can get into startups using their proof of work

250+ New proof of work uploaded on Fueler

Individuals from different corners of the world, use Fueler to showcase their proof of work. 

Folks from domains like Web3, Podcasting, Video Editing, Designing, Marketing, Writing, Development, Advertising, Artist and what not. 

Want to see examples of proof of work? Visit here

New ideas on Proof of Work page

So what happens when you learn, the next step is to validate your learning through the projects. 

Do you know about our proof of work page, where you can discover crazy project ideas to work on next. In that collection, 100+ more ideas have been added this month.

New blogs on Fueler blog

30+ New blogs have been published around copywriting, marketing, proof of work, best usage of Fueler, skill-building, money-making and many more topics. 

Have you tried Fueler? Pls do share your suggestions and thoughts with us, it would help us make it the best platform for everyone. You can just drop a mail at riten@fueler.io

Thank you for reading till here, thank you soo much for your support.

See you in next month with many more surprises πŸ˜‹

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