What project you should never add into your CV?

16 Nov, 2021

What project you should never add into your CV?

An unnecessary addition can become a reason of job lose.

When we look for a job or internship, our CV play a vital role in this process. Whatever you add into your CV that will become the deciding factor behind whether you will get that opportunity to work or not.

But, most of the time, we don’t know “what information, we should keep in our CV and what we shouldn’t”. Because, there isn’t any proper guidelines for any job offers accept company’s job description paragraphs.

Those paragraphs become useless when the company ask for a basic understanding in every domain they are operating. And when the individual do not able to answer based that, they become not fit for that role.

By keeping all these things in mind, I have written this guide where you will be able to get an idea about projects you should add or not add.

After having basic understanding about this, you will be able to filter your works in a better manner.

Let’s discuss, what type of projects you should not add into your CV? Later in next blog, we will explore “What type of CV every interviewer want to see?”.

Most of the time, we do not look into the requirement of company, and we apply for that without checking whether that was suitable for our role or not.

In most of the case I would suggest, if you have worked on some projects and you will be able to handle those responsibilities then don’t wait for anyone’s permission. Just apply for that. Whether you were 100% match for that or not.

As I said above, In most of the cases, those descriptions are just for formality nothing else. You will be judged based on your capabilities of “showcasing your work, achievements, experiences”.

Every job offer comes with some responsibilities and to land on that job you have to show that you will be able to handle those responsibilities. To show that confident, you have to have experience and knowledge of managing those responsibilities.

Always remember, as you are looking for a job opportunity at the same time employers are also looking for individual who will be capable of managing their responsibilities.

Employer judge an individual based on their works he/she has done, based on responsibilities he/she has handled in the past.

If you have to grab the employer’s attention, firstly, you have to stop doing adding projects that is adding zero value into your CV.

Rather than, add those project which will actually help you in cracking that job.

When your project section align with company requirements, then your chance of getting that job increase automatically.

Recently I was looking into a resume. That guy was looking for a job in IT domain, but he had added things he did in mechanical workshops.

If you are looking for a software developer job, you should never add your projects that are not aligning with that job. If you feel that those things will add value into your CV then add a section called “Additional”. And, add those things into this Additional section. Because, when the company is hiring you as a software developer, they are not going to tell you to sell those software products or write a marketing campaign.

Here you can explore this blog, I had written on “What type of project you should practice to land on a tech domain job?”. This will give you an idea about what type of things you should consider while planning any tech project.

Thanks for reading.

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