What is Test Driven Development?

20 Nov, 2021

What is Test Driven Development?

In software development, we call it “Test Driven Development”.

There are so many development techniques followed by a different organization. TDD is one of the organization use this according to their business model.

In TDD we basically write test-cases before writing production-level code.

After writing test-cases, we start writing a production-level code to fulfil our already written test-cases.

TDD Working Flow

By looking into the above image, you can see the flow, how “Test Driven Development” actually work.

Let’s see, what are the benefits of adopting TDD:

  • Reduce Rework: When we work on any project, in the first step we clarify all requirements but after someday we receive new requirements. In that case, the team have to work again to change everything they have developed and build according to new requirements. By adopting TDD, the team do not face doing rework challenge. 
  • Receive Instant Feedback: In software development, the importance of client feedback is one of the crucial stages, if their feedback didn’t match with the team’s vision then development take longer time than expected.
  • Identify Error Early: TDD helps us in identifying errors early in the stage and after identifying errors early, the team start resolving those errors. That helps them in reducing development time.
  • Maintainable, Flexible, easily extensible code: By adopting TDD, the team will write production-level code that will be maintainable, flexible and easily extensible. This type of applications is easily upgradable and updatable. 
  • The quality level of code improves: TDD help team in writing quality code. Because they already know what are the test-cases their code is following and that improve code quality.
  • Reduce deployment timing: In the early stage, we complete one of the most time-consuming stages that other software development techniques follow lastly. After this, the team just focus on writing production-level code and make the system ready for deployment. And, following this, reduce deployment timing.

Like these, there are many more benefits to adopting TDD.

Let me know if you are trying TDD for any of your project or not.

Happy Coding.

Thanks for being with me.

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