What are the life skills your college/school don't teach?

20 Nov, 2021

What are the life skills your college/school don't teach?

Every achievement, success, recognition any person receive is only because they have earned some skills, they are good at something.

There are some of the underrated skills that play a crucial role in everyone’s life but there isn’t any school or college that teach you how to be good at that skill. 

Skills like “Writing”, “Reading Books”, “Exploring”, “Asking Question”, “Networking” and so on.

If you will explore stories of successful people, you will get to know that they are in that position not only because they were risk-takers, courageous. Because they worked on building reading skills, exploring new things. They built a habit to ask a question. They were curious. And, these things helped them in solving problems they are working on.

These skills are so much underrated that if you tell someone that “I am a full-time writer or I am an explorer”. They will be like “is there any career opportunities these skills hold?” Because no one talk about it and everyone just thinks “Whatever their college/University is teaching will be enough in cracking any jobs”. 

Let’s understand, what are the benefits you will get after working on these skills.

*Note: Just work on these skills till these become part of your daily life.

Writing: This is a skill by which you clear your mind from “things that you haven’t understood clearly”, “bullshit kind of things”, “things that do not help you in focusing on your work”, etc. By adopting writing skill, you learn to express your thoughts, understanding clearly and on the point.

Reading: This skill gives you the freedom to explore different minds on a particular topic. You discover different perspectives on any topic. Reading gives you the ability to observe. There is a very beautiful quote by Naval, “Read What You Love Until You Love to Read”. 

If you feel reading boring not because reading is boring because you haven’t found that book in which you will be interested.

Asking Question: There is an English word for this, we call that “Curiosity”. Asking a question helps you in building an ability to actively use your brain and look for an answer to your question. And fulfil your curiosity. Recently, I have written a story on this. You must look into that to understand why you should question every single thing.

Exploring: This skill helps you in understanding what you actually want to pursue in life. When you look for different options, try different domains, meet experience people from different background, then exploring into these things help you in deciding which field is for you or you can pursue multiple domains at a time. 

There is an obvious question, everyone somewhere in their life ask, What I want to do? What field interests me most?, What I like to read/write about?

These question can only be answered if you build an ability to explore. A habit of trying new things, networking with people from different domains.

These are some of the skills that your school or college talk and don’t feel the importance. It’s you who have to live this life and we all want to live the best possible life we can live for that you have to look outside of your window.

Start Reading.

Start Asking Questions.

Start Writing.

Start Exploring.

Thanks for being with me.

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