Top NoCode builders to follow in 2023
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15 Jun, 2023

Top NoCode builders to follow in 2023

No code and low code tools are exploding in popularity - and for good reason. As a builder, these tools let you create apps, websites, and workflows without writing a single line of code. Whether you're a business user, marketer or developer, no code tools empower you to build exactly what you need, faster than ever before.

For business users and marketers, no code tools remove the technical barriers that used to stand in the way of executing ideas. Now anyone can build an app to streamline a business process, create a simple website, automate repetitive tasks, or launch an online course. The possibilities are endless.

Even for experienced developers, no code tools provide major benefits. They speed up development time, reduce complexity, and allow you to focus on the user experience rather than technical details. Many no-code platforms also have robust APIs and extensibility options for when you do need to write custom code.

Some of the top no-code platforms to watch in 2023 include Webflow for building responsive websites, Zapier for workflow automation, Bubble for web apps, Adalo for mobile apps, and Carrd for simple one-page sites. These tools - and the no-code movement as a whole - are enabling more people than ever before to build software and shape the digital world around us. The future is no code, and the future is here. Get building!

No Code is a very vast space and there are many amazing creators in the No Code space who are building amazing projects using No Code. Here are 5 builders to follow in the No Code Space

1. Katt (@kattrisen)

Katt aka Katrien is a solopreneur who creates portfolios of profitable ventures using no code. Some of her projects include:

  • No-Code Exits: In this newsletter, Katt shares real stories of profitable or acquired products made with No-Code every Thursday.
  • No-Code Maker: It’s a workbook with 6 actionable steps to go from idea to first No-Code Product.

2. Mark Bowley (@markbowley)

Mark is a designer, No-Coder, indimaker and a consultent. He has two decades of experience as a brand and marketing designer and he also does a mix of digital product design, prototyping, and visual design. Some of his No-Code projects include:

  • Microbrave: It helps the best makers and founders easily compose, post, and track their build-in-public updates.
  • Creator Store: It has a collection of templates, guides, and tools to launch your ideas faster. It is specially made for creators

3. Lee Launches (@LeeLaunches)

Lee is on a mission to launch creative projects every month. He helps people launch projects. Here are some of his projects:

  • ChatGPT-recipe: It helps build your own version of chatGPT in Bubble with this template.
  • YVisuals: It helps generating visuals using AI. Just put in what you want to create and edit your visuals.

4. Daniel Somoza (@DSomoza3)

Daniel is a No Code maker and is the founder of Notionologia. NoCode agency specialized in Notion prepared to helps people scale the operations of their company. Notion is not just a note-taking tool, but you can also build websites and much more with it.

5. Vensy Krishna (@vensykrishna)

Vensy is Notion India Ambassador and the founder of No-Code Weekend. It is a hackathon that brings creators together to launch No-Code Projects with guidance from a supportive community.

She is also the founder of Build Academy, which teaches people No-Code

To sum it up, there’s a lot to learn from great people in the No Code space.

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