Top 5 Cohorts and Courses
to Learn
Content Writing
Team Fueler

17 Jan, 2024

Top 5 Cohorts and Courses
to Learn
Content Writing

Content Writing is everywhere. From the articles we read online to the text in advertisements and even the words in this blog post - someone wrote all of that content. Content writing has become a necessity in the digital age we live inside.

With the rise of the internet and social media, the demand for quality content has grown exponentially, content writing is also there when you are building your personal brand while talking to someone in dms :)

Brands, businesses & Personal brands rely on blogs, articles, social posts, and other formats of content to

  1. Attract customers
  2. Build authority, and
  3. Grow their online presence.

Which initially helps them drive a business for the long run..

I am Prantik, a founding team at Fueler. If you are looking for courses or cohorts to take as a content writer this blog is THE right place for you :)

Today, I'm going to share about the top 5 cohorts to learn Content Writing. You can take any one of these from the mentioned to get your skills to the top 1%.

PS: These boot camps require dedication. We're talking 4-12 months of intense learning and hard work. But hey, if you're serious about improving your writing skills and becoming a top-class content writer, it's an investment worth making.

TTT - Writing That Sells

TTT - Writing That Sells

1. Terribly Tiny Tales - Writing That Sells

This course is packed into 30+ hours spanning 6 comprehensive modules, TTT Academy's Writing aims to provide you with some pro-level skills that are vital for the digital era.

The course is led by award-winning creative directors from brands like Netflix, Cadbury, and Burger King.

Each weekly workshop covers specialized topics - from Instagram captions to product descriptions to LinkedIn posts they have it all that is needed, with industry-led assignments to apply the frameworks immediately.

You will also receive exclusive training on optimizing ChatGPT to ideate creative concepts at 10x the speed. 

The teaching method is focused on practical application, personalized feedback, and exposure to real-world briefs; 

The course has organically grown a strong community of 7000+ working professionals, entrepreneurs, and students who credit it for transforming their income and careers within weeks.

Write of Passage School

Write of Passage School

2. Write of Passage School

If you feel stuck in your career or have unique perspectives to share but lack an audience, Write of Passage aims to transform your life through writing.

Created by online writing expert David Perell, this 5-week intensive program provides the structure, accountability, and community to publish your best work and build an engaged readership.

Each week follows a proven system - you'll get a prompt, discuss ideas in small groups, receive feedback from editors, refine your piece, and then distribute it to new fans.

The course has everything you need to develop your writing skills in 12 interactive workshops, you'll make global connections with over 1,600 like-minded writers.

It has given birth to many internet creators and helped many to launch newsletters, get book deals, change careers, or even start successful online businesses that seem lucrative. Past students describe it as "life-changing" and "immeasurable value."

Udemy Content Writing Course

Udemy Content Writing Course

3. The Content Writing Course

The instructor for this course is Paul Jenkins who has delivered 16 hours of video modules breaking down his step-by-step system for finding the right topics, optimizing your keyword research, efficiently outlining and writing long-form articles, editing/proofing, and getting published.

With over 30 years of writing experience which he shares inside the course and 50,000 Udemy students in his courses (which is a big point for doing a credible course), Paul shares many time-saving strategies and tools he has used for his own success in becoming a top content writer.

His goal is to simplify what many view as an overwhelming process into a clear, repeatable method for both beginners and experienced writers.

The course is very much up-to-date where he shares on how to leverage AI tools properly, maximizing your overall efficiency in content writing.

If you want to improve your content writing skills and publish articles that attract more traffic and rank on Google, the Content Writing Course on Udemy aims to teach you how to do it :)

Master the fundamentals of SEO by Growthschool

Master the fundamentals of SEO by Growthschool

4. Master the fundamentals of SEO

Unlike writing programs that cover broader skills, this one laser focuses on the exact website enhancements and content creation tactics that will get you noticed by Google and climb up the rankings. 

And SEO plays a really important role in getting your content writing skills up to the mark :)

You'll get an insider's guide to what high-traffic sites are doing content-wise to dominate the first page. By the end, you'll have a nice blueprint to implement the key on-page and off-page lessons for your own site or writing goals.

If you want to level up your content writing skills specifically to rank higher in those Google search results, I would highly recommend you checking out this SEO Workshop by Kaushal Thakkar who was Ex-SEO head at Myntra.

Content Writing Couse CraftShala

Content Writing Couse CraftShala

5. Content Writing Course - Kraftshala

The Kraftshala Content Writing Course is an intensive 15-week online course aimed at launching students into content writing and social media marketing careers. 

With a 98% job placement rate into roles paying ₹4.5-9L in various brands like Scaler, Masai School, Boat etc. Kraftshala focuses heavily on accountability, providing structured daily classes and expert guidance to ensure success.

The comprehensive syllabus covers writing, content creation tools, social platforms, SEO, influencer marketing, and more. They have 2-3 hours of live classes every day for feedback and training which is led by industry experts, who have worked with big brands like Target, Maggi, Unilever,, etc.

You will be able to build an impressive portfolio that will gain you broader skills like problem-solving, Excel, and design to stand out. Kraftshala also teaches you how to leverage AI to boost productivity. With personalized faculty feedback and support, the program sets you up with the frameworks, templates, and connections for workplace readiness.

And that's a wrap! Remember, your success in the industry of Content Writing is all about continuous learning and hard work in creating more Proof Of Work/ Projects which will support your story of being a world-class Content Writer. 

By the way, as we are discussing Proof of work, let me introduce you to is a free portfolio tool where you can easily show your proof of work as a content writer. You can take a look at all the top profiles who are using Fueler to their fullest as a Content Writer :)

These bootcamps and courses can give you a great head start in your content writing career, but it's ultimately up to you to put in the effort to achieve your goals and showcase your expertise.

Good luck on your content writing journey!

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