Top 5 Cohorts and Courses to Learn Performance Marketing
Team Fueler

20 Jan, 2024

Top 5 Cohorts and Courses to Learn Performance Marketing

Performance marketing has become an essential skillset for marketers and advertisers in the digital age. With the ability to accurately track and optimize campaigns to drive real business results, performance marketing roles are increasingly in demand. 

Some people call it "Advanced Digital Marketing" :)

But don't worry I am here to help you out. Whether you're a total beginner or looking to level up, these programs offer outstanding curriculums covering all the must-know topics. From Facebook and Google Ads to data analytics and attribution modeling, these cohorts will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of driving ROI through paid media channels.

I am Prantik, a founding team at Fueler. If you are looking for courses or cohorts to take as a Performance Marketer, then this blog is the right place for you.

Today, I'm going to share about the top 5 cohorts to learn Performance Marketing. You can take any one of these courses from the mentioned to get your skills to the top 1%.

PS: These bootcamps require dedication. We're talking 4-12 months of intense learning and hard work. But hey, if you're serious about improving your writing skills and becoming a top-class content writer, it's an investment worth making.

Performance Marketing Course by Young Urban Project

Performance Marketing Course by Young Urban Project

1. Performance Marketing Course by Young Urban Project

In this 10-week course, you will get hands-on training from top industry experts on platforms like Facebook, Google, and more. The best part? The classes are 100% live and interactive - it would be like getting your own private coaches who will help you through your process.

I love that they keep things practical with assignments to apply what you learn. You will also get 1:1 career mentoring focused on helping you land high-paying jobs or freelance gigs and in just a few months, you can gain this high-demand skill without years of trial and error which although it sounds too good to be true, but you should look at their mentors!

They call all of these mentors a super team, 

The course provides lifetime access to materials after completion and it's a valuable investment towards leveling up as a digital marketer. Whether you want to work at a cool startup or run your own agency, this course will be very helpful if you want to fast-track your progress here with becoming an in-demand performance marketing specialist :)

Performance Marketing by Upgrad

Performance Marketing by Upgrad

2. Performance Marketing by Upgrad 

This 8-week online bootcamp delivers over 40 hours of live learning to provide comprehensive training in performance marketing with Google Ads. Created by industry experts, the cutting-edge curriculum covers paid advertising concepts, campaign setup and optimization, bidding strategies, keyword research, ad formats, landing pages, and more.

Through interactive lectures, 5+ tools walkthroughs, and case study analysis, learners gain relevant skills to kickstart their careers. The program also includes doubt-clearing sessions, personalized feedback, and peer networking opportunities. Run by Ronnie Screwvala of upGrad, the course issues a completion certificate and prepares students for the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Performance Marketing by GrowthSchool

Performance Marketing by GrowthSchool

3. Performance Marketing Cohort by GrowthSchool 

This Performance Marketing Cohort is a no-brainer intensive 10-week masterclass that gives you insider access to the exact growth strategies used by brands that have generated over 1000 crores in revenue.

The mentors leading this program have impressive track records like Deepan Siddhu has driven over 350 crores in revenue for major brands like Amazon and Dell, Suraj Raman brings experience crafting strategies for top APAC advertisers at Google Performance Max, and Vipin Grover who currently heads global digital marketing for Udemy.

With guidance from experts with this much experience, you will be able to unlock real-world frameworks to find untapped audiences, optimize assets based on data, and deliver returns for any business.

The curriculum has not too much theoretical fluff & you’ll walk through actual campaigns and you will have dedicated time to get your questions answered one-on-one. You will be able to attend live interactive sessions or learn through pre-recorded modules that fit your schedule.

By finishing this intensive program, you will be equipped to stand out from the digital marketing crowd with specialized & in-demand performance marketing skills. You will gain exclusive entry to a community with networking opportunities to elevate your career. 

Performance Marketing fundamental course

Performance Marketing fundamental course

4. Performance Marketing fundamental course

This digital marketing course on Udemy lays the perfect foundation. Created by Ovais Ahmad who has 9 years of experience in the industry, it teaches everything you need to know if you're just getting started.

The course covers the basics of digital marketing and performance marketing in a step-by-step way that's easy to understand. There's no need for any prior experience. Over 17.5 hours of on-demand video lessons, you'll learn industry terminology, important concepts, different advertising formats, types of audiences, how to do market research and audits, and a high-level overview of key digital marketing channels.

A major part of the course focuses on Google Ads, taking you from beginner to pro. You'll also get an intro to web analytics tools to measure success. Other topics include media planning strategies, reporting, marketing automation, and more - basically all aspects of digital marketing.

Ovais really knows his stuff from managing millions in ad spend and working at top companies like Google. He breaks things down using real-world examples and even includes quizzes to test your knowledge. With over 100K+ YouTube subscribers and thousands of students trained already, he's an experienced instructor who designed this course to simplify the learning process.

Performance Marketing course by GrowthAcad

Performance Marketing course by GrowthAcad

5. Performance Marketing course by GrowthAcad

GrowthAcad offers an in-depth performance marketing certification course designed and taught by industry experts.

The course covers all aspects of performance marketing including planning digital media budgets, creating high-converting Facebook and Google ads, optimizing marketing funnels, advanced scaling techniques, and job search readiness. GrowthAcad believes in a cohort-based learning model with small batch sizes for personalized attention and one-on-one mentorship.

The institute is home to an exceptional faculty panel such as Harshit Gupta, the founder, and Govind Chandak, the lead mentor. With over 5-10 years of digital marketing experience each, they drive the cutting-edge curriculum at GrowthAcad.

The alumni network contains high achievers like Twinkle Mainani, a social media management freelancer, Samiksha Ghode, a performance marketer, and Shilpa Wanjari, a digital marketing executive.

And that's it! Remember, your success in the industry of Performance Marketing is all about continuous learning and hard work in creating more Proof Of Work/ Projects which will support your story of being a world-class Performance Marketer. 

By the way, as we are discussing Proof of work, let me introduce you to Fueler

Fueler is a free portfolio tool where you can easily show your proof of work as a Performance Marketer. You can take a look at all the top profiles who are using Fueler to their fullest as a Performance Marketer :)

These bootcamps and courses can give you a great head start in your content writing career, but it's ultimately up to you to put in the effort to achieve your goals and showcase your expertise.

Good luck on your Performance Marketing journey!

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