Top 10 Websites That Help You Master Javascript
Tanisha Rajput

20 May, 2022

Top 10 Websites That Help You Master Javascript

If you are toiling hard on yourself, scratching your head to head start with JavaScript then this article is for you.

Here are the top 10 websites which are going to help you while learning JavaScript. 

JavaScript is one of the most powerful and flexible programming languages on the web. It's time to build fluency in JavaScript. 


If you are looking to learn JavaScript for free, this is an ideal non-profit organization that will help you to learn.

 It has its own Youtube channel, and publications where you can learn various other topics like Python JavaScript, Machine learning, etc. 


This website is legitly people's favourite website. It helps you to learn JavaScript in a very collaborative manner and also elucidates the importance of JavaScript in today's time. 

You can learn in a very fun way the way it conducts its lesson. 

There are interactive lessons, exercises to practice, quizzes, and graphics as it starts with a very basic level to a difficult level according to the pace of the learner. 


This is an amazing website, where fun learning will turn into skills. It is the perfect website for students or beginners who are into coding, through their basic computer science skills.

They can master JavaScript with the help of this website. It teaches Python, JavaScript, and CSS. 

There are plenty of video games up to 400 levels where students can learn and make their own customized characters. That means fun and learning on a single platform! Yay! 


There are a lot of learning materials on Udemy. You can access it by enrolling yourself in the available free courses on Udemy. 

There is a wide range of other lessons like JavaScript essentials, boot camps, and so on. 


This is another great platform that provides you with interactive tutorials to learn Javascript.

Apart from JavaScript, one can also learn other concepts like Angular JavaScript, Ajax, and much more. 

JavaScript project ideas ||

JavaScript project ideas ||

Access it here

6.Learn JavaScript

If you are looking for fun and innovative ways of learning JavaScript.

It covers the fundamentals of JavaScript, basically learning from scratch! 

There is a flashcard too which enhances the ability to write and test your code. 


This application has been founded by two Stanford geniuses. It is an impressive platform for productive learning which includes a myriad range of courses for various subjects and programming languages.

At the end of the course, you will get a certificate. There are other languages as well. Go and explore now! 


EdX is one of the best learning platforms, not only for JavaScript but for other courses as well. It has free JavaScript courses handpicked by different universities along with some practical lessons. 

These courses are free, but if one wants to have a certificate of a course then they have to pay a certain amount for that, but learning is free. 


If you want to learn any tech-based courses or skills, then this site is a perfect place for you. 

On this website, many courses are designed at many levels for beginners. 

Yay!! You can learn a lot of cool stuff here. 


It's such an excellent platform to learn JavaScript. It is one of the emerging platforms to learn basic languages and offers a variety of courses and it is also easy to learn.

Just one fingertip away from you and the whole world is right in front of you. Glad that we are living in this internet era, where everything is available.

Go and explore now!

Start your journey from noob to expert! 

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