The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging: 4 Easy Steps

29 Jun, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging: 4 Easy Steps

Are you someone looking for ways to improve your writing skills? Guest blogging is the best way for that. 

Apart from improving your writing, it helps you create an impressive writing portfolio. 

But, how can I start guest blogging?

Here is a 4 steps process to help you start guest blogging, 

Let's dive into it

Step 1: Google search "Write for Us" or "Guest Writing"

There are websites that allow other people to contribute to their blog and for that reason they share a specific page for Guest writing with all the rules and regulations. 

If you get to find the websites that are allowing guest blogging, bookmark them and write away.

Step 2: Prepare the topics

Once you find the websites to contribute to, now prepare a list of 5 blogs on which you are going to write for those websites. 

Here you also have to figure out whether you have knowledge of the topic you are going to write about or not. 

If you are finding blogs that are demanding to write about topics that are totally strange to you, then it's better you search for other websites that are about your interest and knowledge. 

And, if you are confused about which topics to write around, then pick any website and the topics they are writing around. 

Based on that, you also prepare a list of blog titles. 

How to write blog titles? 

Firstly figure out the domain and topics the website has been talking about mostly. Based on that, prepare some questions and search them on Google. 

After searching on Google, you will be getting a list of search results around it. 

Start picking the exact titles from the search results and prepare a list of 5 blogs at least. 

Here is an example of how to do it, 

Suppose, is the blog that you found out about and want to contribute to it. 

What are the categories you are able to see? From those topics, you can pick any start preparing blog titles. 

For example, you picked "Cold Emailing", so prepare a list of questions around it or you can directly Google it if you don't know about it. 

Q. How to write a cold email?

Q. Tips to write better cold email

Q. Cold emailing templates that worked

Q. How to get a job by cold emailing?

Now, I will be searching these on Google and from the search results, I will prepare the final blog titles

Cold Emailing Search Result

Cold Emailing Search Result

You must be thinking why should I follow this approach when I can write blog titles by myself?

The main reason to follow this approach is to impress the guest blog website decision maker and another reason is to impress SEO. 

By following this approach, you will be writing SEO-friendly blogs and once it will be live, they will attract organic traffic without any extra effort. 

Step 3: Write an email 

Once you are ready with blog titles, take permission from the decision maker and start working on those blogs.

For that, you have to write an email or contact them through social media direct message, the goal is to get connected with them and take permission to write around suggested blog titles. 

Example of the message, 

Subject: Are you accepting free guest collaboration?
Email body: 
I wanted to get in touch with you for a blog submission. Hope you're accepting one. I am hereby sending you some topic suggestions for publication:
- 5 simple ways of promoting growth mindsets in children
- Decoding the growth mindset vs fixed mindsets argument
- 5 reasons why students should be taught about growth mindsets 

I pledge the pieces are loaded with good information and actionable advice.
Hoping to hear back from you.

Recently, I received this email for guest blogging on Fueler Blog and in this way, you can also start approaching. You can find more cold email templates here for free

Step 4: Write the blog

It's the final step where you have to show your magic and come up with the best writing piece you can write. 

Take time, create an outline, structure it and then start putting your pen on the paper. 

You can also check previously written blogs on the website to understand the styling, formatting and tone being followed by them. 

Based on those insights, it will help you come up with a better piece of writing. 

After completing the blog, proofread it. And, don't miss cross-checking the grammatical mistakes and for that, you can also install Grammarly in your browser. 

Now, it's time to share your piece of writing for review, just reply to the last email or message with the draft link. 

And, if they find your blog up to their quality, then it will be accepted and published on their blog. 

This is how you start guest blogging. 

There is a surprising thing I missed to tell you. 

Like you saw websites allowing people to contribute to their blog, similarly, there are websites that pay you to write for them. 

Pay varies from $150-700, there are websites that also pay $1000 for writing one blog. 

So, once you improve your writing and create an impressive writing portfolio. You can leverage this to make money. 

Here you can read more about how to make money through guest blogging [thread link]

With that, thank you for reading. Let me know if you need help with anything. Let's connect

See you in the next blog. 

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