The 5 Best Productivity Tools You Should Know
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22 Oct, 2022

The 5 Best Productivity Tools You Should Know

Likely, you have also had to collaborate in a team. Working together with multiple coworkers to accomplish a shared goal has undoubtedly many benefits, such as combining everyone's thoughts, skills, experiences, and personalities to produce something handsome, to name just one.

In reality, working in a team may sometimes turn into a true nightmare: even if coworkers get along just great, trying to manage several individuals working on various projects at once can be a really difficult challenge.

Doubts and problems are certainly commonplace in every team. And if task management becomes too difficult, this may also impact team performance, as a poorly organized team will work less efficiently.

If you also work in teams trying to better organize the various tasks and always want to have a clear picture of the progress and goals to be achieved, today we want to introduce you to the 5 best productivity tools

We are confident that using these tools will make working as a team a breeze! 


Jira is a project tracking software very popular amongst agile development teams. It covers a variety of project management topics, including organizing sprints, allocating tasks, and providing total transparency in the development process.

Additionally, by providing your team with access to real-time and visual data, it enhances team performance. Jira's functionality may be increased by integrating it with a variety of other programs by Atlassian, like for example Trello.

If you work in a team of software developers, you can't…not know it and try it out!


With Asana, you can break up your team’s tasks and allocate them to certain members, making it clear to everyone what they need to focus on.

With the time view, you can see all of your projects clearly at once. 

Which ones are still active? Which ones, when, and by whom have they been finished?

The team will constantly be aware of where to concentrate.

The Forms feature is also quite intriguing since it allows you to establish a workspace for each goal while selecting from more than 50 different templates based on the activities at hand. You may specify rules to automate repetitive operations like assigning work or setting deadlines, and only the individuals you choose will have access to the newly formed module.


Monday offers a unique and customizable space to manage every aspect of your project. You will be able to choose preset templates and templates based not only on your specific industry, but also on the goals you want to keep track of (e.g., project management, creativity and design, task management, and more).

You’ll have the power to create different events and projects, defining goals, deadlines, and tasks for all members of your team. And if the available templates don't convince you, you can even create a new one from scratch.

In addition, to avoid human errors and make everyone's work easier, you will also be able to set up Automations to automatically perform certain tasks


To-do list management, time tracking, goal tracking, resource management, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards are just a few of the project management tools available from ClickUp.

You can create and automate tasks with this tool directly from email, view all of your daily events in one place, create knowledge bases, take screenshots and videos immediately from your desktop, and do a lot more.

For effective communication, this web application also effortlessly interacts with various third-party apps including DropBox, Figma, YouTube, and email clients.

What’s more? ClickUp is used by teams at popular companies like Google,, and IBM.


The fifth tool we want to introduce you to is Zoho, and if you work in teams or are simply a full-time smart worker, you can't help but enjoy it!

It's a platform with a ton of features to help you manage remote work and relationships with your clients in addition to teamwork.

Zoho offers three different platforms, depending on the functionality you require: 

  1. Zoho CRM Plus, for managing relationships with current and potential clients;
  2. Zoho Workplace, with a variety of web and mobile applications for teams working from home;
  3. Zoho One, the most complete platform of the three, acts as a true operating system for your team to manage all the important tasks.


Every firm must adapt and go digital with their methodologies and activities or risk falling behind the competition. An adequate project management platform may increase efficiency for your business and improve employee productivity, happiness, and income.

For the project to be completed successfully, selecting the best project management model is essential. We've put up a list of the top 5 best productivity tools for your company. All of these may truly make a difference for your company.

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