Power of Proof of Work - Issue 01
Riten Debnath

20 Jan, 2022

Power of Proof of Work - Issue 01

So finally we have come up with a new series where we are going to celebrate successes based on proof of work.

Because we believe great work deserves celebration. It’s going to be a short and crisp way to share success stories with this new format

Here, Vaarun got an internship using his Proof of Work.


It all started with this simple message on Discord by Syed. Syed is the new addition to our team Fueler. Hardworking and sincere guy. 

Here’s the tweet from Vaarun


Don’t think, take action. Build your Proof of Work and apply for opportunities. 

Here are some of the proof of work ideas around marketing, design, and development. You can take any of these and start building your proof of work:

200+ Proof of Work Ideas | Fueler

Hope you learn and get inspired to create your proof of work. I’ll see you again

Your friend,


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