The State of Education, Today

16 Nov, 2021

The State of Education, Today

Dear reader,

Today I’m going to tell you about the critical condition of education. Education that was driven by devotion and thought, is no more a noble profession today. It has become commercialized which would be a matter of concern for one and all. Gone are the days when academic institutes were like places of worship; there were gurukuls and ashrams where quality education was given by quality teachers.

Now, look at our present educational system where things are not going as they should have been. Today private schools and coaching centers are prospering, have become a great source of generating profits, money spinning businesses and the sad part ok I will not take it as a sad part, I will take it as a fact and savage reality that parents too feel compelled owing to today’s highly competitive world to spend any amount of money on their children to get to these MONEY SEEKING institutes.

Private schools which are mushrooming in every part of the country are charging exorbitant fee; parents, who can afford, are sending their children as they want to live their dreams through them unmindful of the pressures they are creating and some schools charge so much that if you keep saving those money then you will be able to open your own school one day.

keeping jokes aside, there is a strong need to change the basics of hollow education system in order to revive the real importance of it.

So, here's a quote to inspire you

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Thank You : )

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