What Type of Project You Should Practice to Land on a Tech Domain Job?

16 Nov, 2021

What Type of Project You Should Practice to Land on a Tech Domain Job?

Ever thought, what is that project every tech company interviewers want to see in your resume?

Firstly let me tell you why you should think and ask this question.

By asking and thinking about this question, first you will get a clear understanding about projects you should work on next you will get an idea about your role in any organization you will be joining.

While studying in college we don’t get any idea about all these. We usually follow and copy/paste what our batchmates or seniors had already done and copied from somewhere. And, we do not think for a second whether this is a suitable project or not, whether this is going to help me in cracking interviews or not.

So, for these reasons, you must think about this question.

Now let’s dive into our agenda of this blog and discuss the project.

I am mentioning this again, whatever I am going to share in this blog is only for tech domain jobs.

When you start looking for a project idea to work on you must pick an idea that is solving a business problem. What do I mean by this? 

See, you are going to join an organization that is already solving a business problem that is already working on making someone’s life easier that is dealing with real-life problems on a daily basis. 

So, when you will present a project that is solving a business problem your chance of getting selected will increase because you and organization will be on a single page.

Next, your project must have a professional UI(user interface). Whatever you will present to your interviewer that’s visualization should be mesmerizing. That should attract interviewer’s attention.

Next, your project must have a security feature like login/registration. In this feature, you should focus on user authentication and authorization. 

Next, your project must have a database that should at least perform CRUD(Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations. 

Next, your project has some feature that will utilize the concept of networking. Like, you can integrate something in which you will show data that is coming over the internet. 

Lastly, your project must follow some architecture and design patterns. Like, MVC(Model view controller), MVVM(Model View ViewModel) etc.

So, these are some of the things that can help you in building that project which can guarantee you a tech domain job.

If you want to explore a demo project which will have above discussed point then you must follow the next blog.

Happy coding.

Thanks for reading.

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