Make Your First $100 Online
Team Fueler

24 Jan, 2024

Make Your First $100 Online

Making money on the internet looks easy until you start making it by yourself.

If you search for ways to make money on the internet, you will discover ways like starting a YouTube channel, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, starting your own blog, etc.

These ways were working a decade ago, because there was less competition on the internet. Today if you open YouTube, you will get to know 3 out of 10 people have a YouTube channel, same goes with blog, affiliate, drop shipping, etc.

I won’t say this book will help you discover easy ways to make money on the internet, but I would definitely say that if you choose to pursue any ways from this book, you will start making money within.

In this book, you will get to discover 15 ways through which you can start making money on the internet.

Apart from ways to make money, you will get to know about the skills, inspirations, websites, and the road map to making $1M after you make your first $100 on the internet.

Also, there is a surprise in the last chapter of the book 🎁

What makes you eligible for this guide?

If you are someone who is currently learning a monetizable skill or already has a monetizable skill, you can benefit from this book.

What the heck is “Monetizable skill” now?

Monetizable skills are those kinds of skills for which you can make money, a skill through which you can solve a problem, and for that person with a problem will pay you a certain amount of money.

For example, writing is a monetizable skill, how?

There is a startup who is starting to market their product and they are looking for someone who can write blog, website content, marketing content for their startup, if you are someone who has writing skill you can help them and get paid for that.

Why did I mention eligibility for this book?

The reason behind mentioning eligibility is to make this guide actionable. There are thousands of blogs, books, videos out there on the same topic, but to follow them you need lots of prerequisites.

But, if you satisfy the eligibility of this book, you don’t need any prerequisites to take action.

Just pick the ideas, execute them, and start making money. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, but at the same time, it isn’t as complex as start making money by drop shipping.

*I am not against any of the ways mentioned on the internet, I am just sharing my views on their execution. 

How did I make my first $100 on the internet?

This is a frequent question I have been getting in the last 2 years.

You should be also asking this question whenever you choose to follow any advice on the internet:

Who is this person?

Does he have proof of action?

Has he applied the advice to themselves before sharing it with the world?

There are millions of fake gurus out there who have advice on any problem you have.

So, be aware of what advice, thoughts, and insights you are signing up for.

My journey of making money on the internet started with App Development. I was that kid who used to stay outside class instead of caring about marks and attendance.

After learning Android app development, I started looking for ways to make money out of this skill and exploring multiple ways like landing a remote internship, fixing issues in Apps through Upwork, and taking freelance projects.

Finally, I got multiple clients who paid $5, $10, $15 for minor projects. Starting from there, in August 2019 I landed my first freelance project that paid $500 to develop the user interface of an app.

This is how my journey to making money on the internet started and those days to today I haven’t looked at traditional ways to make money.

The internet has been a true blessing for me and millions of other individuals who have been living a great life by making money on the internet.

If you were to ask how much money I have made in the last 4 years, obviously I don’t have the exact count but to give you an idea, I have paid 2.5M debt and am living a minimal life in a metro city of India.

From this you can make a rough guess about the amount of money I have made.

There is a famous line I often go back to “Once you make the $1 on the internet, there isn’t any going back”

With that let’s dive into this book, 

Skills that will help you achieve freedom

There are 100s of skills that can help you make money on the internet, but are those 100s of skills worth giving time to?

So, instead of making you bored by showing a list of 100s of skills, I will give you a framework to pick the skill by yourself.

In the last 1 year, Artificial intelligence has taken over the internet and giving competition to creative individuals. You also have to keep this in mind while picking the skills.

If you are someone who enjoys learning, who loves working on side projects more often, and who doesn’t get bored discussing ideas, you don’t have to worry about Artificial intelligence.

If you are not matching the above criteria, then you need to be serious about taking action towards the right direction and stop procrastinating.

Now, let’s talk about the framework to pick a skill:

Step 1: Identify what your hobby/hobbies are

(If you don’t have any, what are you doing with your life?)

Step 2: Do you have a hobby through which people are making money?

Is it writing, creating art, coding, gossiping, designing, painting, etc?

Step 3: Search on Google “How to make money by _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _” (Writing, Designing, Coding, Making memes, playing video games, gossiping)

*You can do the 3rd step later on, we will be discovering ways to make money based on your hobbies.

Do you have the skill through which you are going to make money on the internet?

🎁 Bonus: 50 Ideas to Make Your First $100 Online

1. Sell Figma UI Template

Search for problems people are facing in product design domain, come up with Figma UI templates to sort them out.

2. Design Blog Thumbnail

Search for blog websites whose thumbnail can be more appealing. Come up with your version of it and share with the writer.

3. Develop Wordpress Templates

Developing a website from scratch is a struggling phase everyone face, that’s when wordpress makes it easily accessible just by providing templates.

Come up with a theme and wordpress templates for different use cases and start selling them

4. Sell Social Media Post Templates

Not everyone win at social media marketing, only those who understand the power and impact of visual appealing presentation wins.

Design collections of content specific post design templates and start reaching out to brands who needs it.

5. Help Brands improve SEO ranking

There are thousands of websites that are struggling in finding an effective ways to leverage SEO as marketing channel, help them improve their ranking and let the traffic grow.

6 . Design Canva Template

Canva has made designing a lot easier than anyone can ever imagine, help people solving their design problems using Canva

7. Sell Stickers Design

Come up with stickers around tech, crypto and other niches that you love and start selling them on the internet

8. Make Meme for Brands

Pick a brand, study their business model and design memes to help them market their product.

9. Make motion graphics social post

There are brands that look for individuals to design motion graphics for them and present their product in a visually interactive manner.

10. Help people make videos

Do you love making videos?

Search for individuals or brands who are planning to market their products through a video and help them to make it possible.

11. Create a tool for a brand

Create a tool for a brand to help them solve their problems and share with them

12. Sell Cold Email Templates

Cold emails are becoming a high demanding medium for outreach, come up with a collection of convertible email templates and sell them.

13. Sell Mobile App Design

There are brands that do not have a big amount to spend on designing their product from scratch.

That’s when they look for ready-made template available in the market to ease their process

14. Be a virtual assistant

There are professionals who need a VA to manage their everyday micro-tasks, like scheduling a meeting, sending an email, handling social media, etc.

Search for those kinds of people, connect with them and let them know how you can help them.

15. Mint NFTs

NFT are becoming the new cool way to make money as a creative artist, make one by yourself and mint them on foundation .app

16. Design Goodies

Search for brands who offer goodies, design cool goodies and share with them.

17. Sell Nutrition Plan

As we know that, we are becoming more health-conscious. Create a nutrition plan for different health routines and sell them on Gumroad.

18. Sell UI Design Assets

Pre-made design assets make the designing process a lot easier. Come up with your version of it and start offering it to the world.

19. Sell Webcomics

People all over the world love reading comics. Design webcomics and start selling them online.

20 . Write Social Media Ads Copy

Search for brands who are looking for people to write ad copy for their social media posts.

21. Design Physical Products

Pick a product you use on daily basis, design it’s outlook and share them with the brand.

22. Sell a Collection of 3D Design

Create your own collection of 3D Designs of everyday items and sell them on Gumroad.

23. Sell Premium Quality Illustration

Illustrations are on high demand in modern design domain, craft a collection of illustrations based on a theme and sell them.

24. Design a nocode website

Search for people who are looking to someone to help them design a nocode website for them

25. Sell Nocode Templates

Design a fresh new template for nocode tools available in the market, Soft, Pory, Webflow, Bubble.

Sell them on Gumroad or nocode marketplace.

26. Make LinkedIn Profile Impressive

There are individuals who are looking for people to help them make their profile impressive and for that, they pay a certain amount.

27. Design Twitter Header

Last week someone paid $100 for designing a Twitter Header. Unbelievable right?

Pick 10 Twitter profiles with big followers, design impressive headers for them and sell them on Gumroad.

28. Generate Leads

Leads can be anything like social profiles, emails, phone numbers. Search for brands or professionals who are looking for someone to generate leads for them.

29. Design Instagram Carousel Templates

IG Carousel templates are highly appreciated content on Instagram, there are people who search for Carousel templates and are ready to pay for them. Create and sell them on Gumroad, Instamojo, Dribbble or any other creative marketplaces

30. Help people design notion templates

Come up with a freemium version of the virtual guide to help individuals designing Notion templates for different problem statements

31. Sell Digital Wallpapers

Design a different set of wallpapers and sell them in bundles on Gumroad.

32. Run Facebook Ads

There are brands that run Facebook ads to attract visitors to their products.

Reach out to them with 5 unique ideas that can improve their traffic numbers through Fb Ads.

33. Redesign an Instagram Post

Search for an Instagram page whose post can become more visually rich, come up with your version of the post and share with the owner.

34. Write Website Copy

Look for people who are coming up with a website, reach out to them to write copy for their product.

35. Proofreading for Blogs

Did you come across a blog that can be written in a better way?

Rewrite it and send the draft to the author, they might like it and offer your something.

36. Sell Website Templates

Design a set of templates based on different niches from Wix/Wordpress/Webflow/Shopify and sell it on Gumroad.

37. Write Emails

There are different brands and professionals who leverage email as a distribution channel but to manage that, they look for people who can handle it.

38. Sell Gumroad Affiliate

Search for Gumroad products that are open for affiliate marketing, get a product link for yourself and promote it hard.

Whenever someone buys from your link, you will earn a commission. How cool is that?

39. Design Book Cover

Look for eBooks whose cover can be more visually rich and attractive that will increase their sales.

Redesign that ebook cover and send it to the author. They might have a surprise for you.

40. Build a Notion Template

Pick a problem that can be solve using notion and build a template for that.


41. Sell a Collection of Resources

Internet is the home for information and resources, but it’s not in organized way and that’s the pain most of us deal with. Come up with a collection of resources around any of your favourite niches.


42. Write a Guest Blog

Search for websites who always look for guest blogger and pay them.


43. Review Websites

There are many websites that pays you for sharing your honest feedback.


44. Show your expertise

Having Copywriting Skill?

Help different brands with their website copy. Build your credibility and portfolio, later charge them for your service.

45. Sell a notion template

Pick a problem and build a notion template to solve that and you can start selling them on Gumroad.

46. Sell a collection of resources

Make a collection of resources on a particular topic and start selling them on marketplaces

47. Start Guest Blogging

There are different websites that always look for writers and pay them. Search for the websites and start writing.

48. Summaries Podcasts

podcast, favourite ake a summary of it and share with the host. Ask if there’s anything you can add value to him.

49. Design a logo

Do you love designing logos?

Look for brands whose logos can be improved, do it for free and share your version with them. And, this way you can attract opportunity.

50. Sell an ebook

Write an ebook around a topic in your domain, make it interesting and valuable.

Sell it through @gumroad, make your webpage and other online stor

51. Productize your expertise

UI Design is your expertise?

Start offering paid services like help brands in improving their designs.

Build a permissionless mindset, showcase your work, outreach, add value and close the deal.

53. Sell a Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet is shortcut approach to achieve particular goal.

Create a Cheat Sheet around your domain and make achieving something easier by compiling them in a Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet make the job easier. Some examples: Product Hunt Lunch CS, Website CS

54. Start a paid newsletter

Starting a newsletter have become a lot easier after Twitter has acquired Revue.

Start one around your domain of expertise and help others by delivering valuable contents.

You can take inspiration from Lenny @lennysan, TrendsVC @DruRly

55. Write How-to Guides

Create How-to guides around different activities and help people guide through the process.

With that, it's time to start executing these ideas and building the pathway to let the money come your way.

It took, Anshu 12 days to prepare this ultimate guide, if you find it helpful, please share this on LinkedIn.

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