Introducing KajooKatli  -  Apps Tools Made in India

17 Nov, 2021

Introducing KajooKatli  -  Apps Tools Made in India

Most of you asked so many times, “What is Kajookatli”. But, we promised you to wait for Diwali and you will get to know about it.

So, as promised, here is a Diwali gift from KiwisMedia.

We netizens always take interest in exploring products built around the world that are solving problems and making life easier. This made us think to come up with an initiative to build a platform to showcase the apps and tools that are built in India.

Therefore, introducing you to our new initiative KajooKatli — A platform to discover Smartphone Applications & Tools made in India 🇮🇳.

Why are we building KajooKatli?

We literally came across so many applications and tools being developed in India made by new companies and student developers. While the Playstore is flooded with so many applications, it's difficult for them to get any visibility. That is when we decided to come up with this platform to meet the purpose.

How much are we charging for the feature?

It’s for free. You simply have to share your details here

What can you expect to see in the future from KajooKatli?

  1. Application, Tools in different categories with better user experience while navigating.
  2. A different section for the student developers to showcase their applications and the same for the tools.
  3. Educational materials to guide aspiring devs

What is the secret behind the name “KajooKatli”?

Familiarity. We were looking for something very own, something very loved, and yes the very special Diwali 2020 🪔

What do KiwisMedia get from this?

KajooKatli will be a launching ground for KiwisMedia users building applications and tools other than the Playstore and App Store. Their works deserve to be celebrated and to be acknowledged. We are trying our bit as always.

Can you host your applications directly on KajooKatli?

We haven’t honestly thought of it yet. Currently, our focus is only to act as a filter for the collection of truly Indian Products and a way to introduce it to other users. In simple word, distribution networks for ease of discovering Made in India Apps and Tools

Lastly, in order to make these products global and reach a larger audience, it needs your support and feedback. Kindly share this with others if you find it worthy.

This Diwali, let us explore the products being developed and launched from India by the young and student developers. Let’s make their hard work and effort pay off.

Best wishes.

Note: KajooKatli is truly made for the educational purpose. No commercial activities involved that can potentially disrespect any developers and owner, neither we intend to. For any takedown request, please mail us here

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