How to Start Learning Copywriting in 3 Easy Steps?

19 Aug, 2022

How to Start Learning Copywriting in 3 Easy Steps?

Before starting with copywriting, you would have to learn the basics of writing.

What do I mean by that?

By learning the basics of writing, I meant to say getting good at understanding the styling, formatting, how to create the hook, and how to make your writing pieces engaging.

All these things will teach you, what it takes to come up with a piece of writing, whether it’s a blog, Tweet, LinkedIn post, Quora Answer, Product Description, Landing page copy, etc.

Copywriting is a skill which is a multiplier of different skills, like you need to learn Human behaviour, Psychology, Persuasion, Selling, Understanding the business, researching and along with all these writing comes on top.

Sometimes I thank myself for not directly jumping into copywriting, instead take the jump once I spend time practising writing.

After getting good at “Step 0”, that is what I talked about above.

Learn Copywriting in 3 easy steps,

Step 1: Learn Copywriting

The first step is the learn Copywriting, I find Copywriting a skill that can’t be mastered by taking a single course or reading a single book.

It’s a skill that asks for tons of actions, actions as in, doing practical instead of spending time on learning theories.

But, to get it started, here are a few top courses and books that have helped me in the early start of copywriting.

You should also check it out if you are starting to learn copywriting

YouTube Playlist

  1. How To Become A Copywriter With NO Experience
  2. Copywriting Secrets
  3. Freelancing Questions & Answers for Copywriters
  4. Copywriting Exercises & Tips For Beginners


  1. Ogilvy on Advertising
  2. Made to Stick
  3. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook
  4. Ca$hvertising
  5. The Copywriter’s Handbook
  6. The Boron Letters
  7. Triggers


  2. Copyhackers Blog
  3. Copywritingcourse Blog
  4. Complete Guide to Copywriting
  5. A Quick Course on Effective Website Copywriting
  6. The Art of Storytelling
  7. Copywriting Worksheets

Step 2: Create a Copywriting Portfolio

This is a step that holds the power to make or break you as a copywriter.

Because, if you are saying you can write copies that will make people mad about the product and you are not showing what you have written that have made people mad to buy the products, then no one is gonna believe in your words.

Having a copywriting portfolio means, you will not have to speak about your skills and what and how well you can write, your portfolio will handle all these jobs.

You must be thinking, but how can I create a portfolio if I haven’t worked with any brand?

I was there at one point in my life and I can assure you this is a trap, an invisible trap that stops us from getting where we want to be.

To get out of this, I have created a powerful force, that is “100+ Copywriting Project Ideas”, it has a collection of project ideas that isn’t less than working for the actual brand.

Here are 10 copywriting project ideas from the collection, check out the link to access all the ideas.

  1. Pick a product from ProductHunt and rewrite the product description.
  2. Write an ad for Peloton using under 8 words.
  3. Write a headline for a life coach speaking to workaholics.
  4. Write an ad for slippers with lights on the front of the foot to navigate your home in the dark.
  5. Use voice of customer from a G2 review to write an ad for Paylocity.
  6. Pick a product from Otherland and rewrite the product description.
  7. Write an ad for an indoor play park that allows adults to act like children again. Jump on trampolines, play in the mud, finger paint, and more.
  8. Pick a product from Eight Sleep and rewrite the product description.
  9. Write a headline for beer without using any verbs.
  10. Write an ad copy for HandsOn Grooming Gloves, bristled gloves for grooming pets, that targets kids in particular.
  11. Write an ad for Peloton using under 8 words.

Find more ideas here for free

Step 3: Validate your learnings by looking for opportunities

You have learned Copywriting, Created a portfolio, and spent hours writing copies. But, what is the proof that whatever you learned is valid, what is the proof that whatever you learned is going to help while writing copies for brands?

For that reason, you need to take this 3rd step and take the validation from the real world and figure out where you stand and what needs to work on.

But, how to start with that? Where can I find the opportunity, and how to take feedback from the world?

The answer to all these questions lies in one thing and that is “Apply for Copywriting Opportunities”, yes you need to find the opportunity that will help you evaluate your knowledge and ability to write copies.

There are different ways to get an opportunity as a Copywriter,

  • Apply through Job Boards
  1. Workable Job Board
  2. Sequoia Job Board
  3. Fueler Bi-weekly Job Newsletter
  • Outreach through cold email

Prepare a list of brands whom you can help with writing copy. Come up with a plan and also work on some permissionless projects.

After preparing everything write an email to the decision maker of the company.

Check out the free cold email templates

  • Leverage social media direct message feature
  • Utilize personal network

By following these basic steps, you can start your copywriting journey from scratch.

Make the most out of all the resources mentioned here, it took us 1000+ hours to come up with these resources.

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