How to Start Learning Content Writing?

09 Jan, 2022

How to Start Learning Content Writing?

By leveraging the internet

Yes, you read it right. Internet is full of amazing resources through which you can start learning content writing for free.

Content writing is a domain that asks for your commitment and dedication, without these you won’t be able to learn anything.

Commitment to writing every single day, commitment to research around topics you are planning to write.

Coming from a content writing background, I haven’t taken a single course since I have to get started in this domain and after years of consistency, I have been able to craft better writing.

Here is how you can start learning content writing without any distractions and noise 👇

  1. Search for 5 popular digital writers
  2. Spend hours with their writing works
  3. Copy the same work by pen n paper
  4. Do this for the next 30 Days

Here are a few of my favourite digital writers you can explore

  1. David Perell
  2. Nicolas Cole
  3. Niharika Kaur Sodhi
  4. Dickie Bush

These are a few superstar digital writers who have been teaching and inspiring thousands of individuals to break into writing.

You might be thinking, why should I copy their work instead of start writing on my own?

Knowingly or unknowingly we all are copycats, every single thing we do, whether it’s choosing what to eat, what to wear, what to pursue or how to live a life.

By copying their work, you will learn about their writing craft, how they format, what writing styles they follow other than that, you will learn about storytelling, persuasion, writing hooks, writing killer headlines and introductions and a lot more.

Be become a better content writing, you need to master two basic skills, the first is copying and the second is Googling.

How to copy effectively and search for information on Google super quickly will help a lot in becoming a content writer.

So, what’s the next thing you will do?

Before anything you do, start reading quality books 📚. Pick any of the popular books and start reading, it can be fiction or nonfiction.

Now, you know what do to next. So, let’s get started.

🎁 Bonus

While you work on your content writing craft, here are a few of the beginner-level writing ideas you can start writing around

  1. Write about 5 things you can talk for an hour
  2. Write a blog about places you want to travel
  3. Write about 10 Companies and Startups you wish to work with
  4. Top 10 Books You would recommend to any stranger
  5. 10 Most Demanding Niches to start your writing journey
  6. 10 Most Visited Websites for Writing Opportunity
  7. 10 Best Websites to Find Writing Ideas
  8. Write a blog about 10 blogging websites
  9. 10 Best Websites to Find Writing Ideas
  10. 10 Websites to help you start your newsletter
  11. Write an atomic essay about your goals
  12. Start a blog about introducing yourself to the internet

Discover more ideas here.

Hope this helps you in getting started with your content writing learning. 

Happy learning, keep fueling ⚡🚀

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