How to Get Unlimited Content Ideas?
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06 Jun, 2022

How to Get Unlimited Content Ideas?

One of the biggest problems that people face when they try to create content is the “Lack of Ideas”

People do not understand how to figure out content ideas and what ideas they should work on. They are not sure about “What to post” and “How to post”.

If you struggle with the problem of “What to post”, don’t worry, I got you. 

Here are 5 habits that can help you generate Unlimited content ideas at your fingertips

1. Consume a Variety of Content 

There is a popular saying, “We are what we Consume”. Content consumption is Step 1 in the process of creating content

Witnessing people figure out content ideas and actually applying them is very inspiring to watch. But we have to keep an eye on the type of content we are watching.

Normally when we are free, we like to watch the type of content we are used to. For some, it may be Instagram reels, while for some it may be long debates on YouTube. 

If you want to get a lot of content ideas, you have to diversify your content consumption. 

Let’s say you are a person who likes to watch both long podcasts on YouTube and short reels on Instagram. You have a brilliant opportunity in front of you. You can explain the interesting ideas discussed in the Podcast in 60 secs or you can talk in detail about the Ideas introduced in 60 secs by the reels creator. 

After almost a week, you won’t have to search for interesting ideas, great ideas will come to you.

2. Get out of your Room

Quite contradicting, right? 

Well, the world of the internet is fascinating. It can trap you in a loop of content consumption. Hours, minutes and seconds will be gone and you won't even know about it.

Another important reason you should get out of your room is, “You do not need hundred ideas to work on, you just need 1 good idea and you are good to go”.

After you figure out such ideas, Go out with friends, observe their questions and think if your audience has similar questions.

Go out with family, listen to their stories and write about how the times have changed.

Go out alone, and think in-depth about the ideas. Add new perspectives to the idea, add more examples, figure out a way to explain it in a better way. 

3. Spend "Me Time" Slowly

After consuming some quality content and getting out of your room to have fun or to look for other perspectives, there’s a little amount of time that you would like to save for yourself. I call it the “ME Time”.

“Me time” includes you going for a walk, shower time, morning time, meditation time and pretty much every time when you are alone with your thoughts. 

Pay close attention to what you are thinking. Try to connect ideas with each other. Just randomly observe what is going on in your mind. 

Let me demonstrate how to get ideas during “Me Time”,

I was just reading about how the American economy is going down and the Chinese Economy is rising. Economics isn’t my content zone and I won’t like it to be either. My content zone is Psychology or Human Behaviour. 

So, I just have to find an idea in which I can explain the Economy from a Psychology perspective. 

How about,  “How do Indians spend their money?” Or “When are Indians comfortable spending their money?”

4. Escape the Space and Time Bias

Sometimes the reason why people struggle in finding good ideas is that they look for something that is in the News, i.e. something that is popular at the moment. 

It is quite possible that your content piece will do well because many people are talking about it, however, you must keep in mind that trends can get saturated very easily. 

Thus, rather than running behind trends, you should seek topics, topics that escape the space and time bias

Space bias is when an idea is related to a particular place in the world.

For example, We can say Racism is an idea that we would associate with western countries while Casteism is the idea that we would associate with India.

Time Bias is when an idea is related to a particular time in history.

For example, The world war is an idea of the past while the Russia-Ukraine war is a present-day idea.

Don't just think about events that are happening in today's world. Think about different ideas from different times and different parts of the world. 

If used correctly, this technique can help you generate unlimited content ideas. 

5. Take Notes

This is cliche advice but this is the only difference between "a good creator" and "a successful creator".

Good creators think about new and interesting ideas while successful creators write down new and interesting ideas and figure out a time to implement them. 

You can fix a time at which you’ll write down all the potential content ideas you got throughout the day or you can write down ideas in the notes app every time you get them. 

Writing down these ideas make sure they don’t slip away from your mind. It also keeps you prepared in case of a creator’s block.

There might be many more ways to figure out ideas but, it doesn’t matter. You do not need 100 ideas to start creating content, you just need 1. 

The easiest way to generate ideas is to implement every idea you enjoy working on. You just have to start posting and stay consistent. 

Good things happen when you start creating content. However, if you cannot take out the time to create content right now, don’t feel bad. 

Keep storing ideas and implement them as soon as you get the chance. 

All the best, thank you for reading 

See you in the next blog :))

This blog has been written by Yakshit Sharma

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