How to focus on work deeply?

17 Nov, 2021

How to focus on work deeply?

When I started writing, I used to write a maximum of 3 minutes of story. When I sit to write, I wasn't able to focus on writing and I used to feel like an outer force was telling me to end this writing as soon as possible.

I had a lot to say about topics on which I used to write. But, because of the hurry to quit and go back unnecessary web surfing, I wasn't able to write as much as I wanted to convey.

I wasn't happy with this situation, so I started looking for solutions, why this was happening?, How can I overcome this?

I haven't done any research related to this that I am going to say but in some way or other, unnecessary web surfing are solely responsible for this distracted attentions. Either we use social networking tools for an hour without any reason or visit other websites.

Do you know What's the one key motive behind social platforms? That is "you get to know about new life every next second".

And if you spend nearly 1 and half hours on these platforms, just calculate, how many new versions of life you have feed to your mind.

We don't realize this until it starts affecting our work, our focus, our attention spans.

Recently I read in Deep work is that "It's not urges of eating, drinking, traveling or having sex which distract our focus but it's our urges to keep checking these social platforms, unnecessary web surfing".

It's about to go 5 weeks till I haven't spent more than 5 mins on any social platforms. And, still figuring out to keep my attention away from the trap of unnecessary web surfing.

By decreasing uses of social networking tools, your focus on work will boost because you are no longer distracted by infinite scroll.

This was one thing that you can try to be focus to work deeply.

Next, Your Environment is one of the key thing that play a major role of your divided attention.

As a writer, When I write I need a calm and noise free environment to write.

While redesigning your working environment, you have to also keep one thing in mind is that other's do not face any discomfort because of this redesigning. This is like one of constraint but you also have to redesign your environment, you can't deny that.

Have you heard of Instrumental music?

And, I am sure you have an earphone/headphone.

Whenever I work, I just plug an earphone into the laptop and play my work playlist.

And, this work really effective. And, I don't face any distractions because of the environmental situation.

You must try once these to focus on work deeply.

Next, Read, Read, Read. You are free to read anything, book, article, short notes. But, read only those things that do not work as a distraction. Those should encourage, motive you and boost your attention span.

Lastly, You can start meditating. I have tried a few times but, I wasn't able to do constantly.

I am planning to start again, it will be a little complicated as I have already faced.

If you start meditating, you can try as Naval suggest. Just sit straight, close your eyes and let thoughts come.

Thanks for reading.

All the best. 

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